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Week 3 ~ Opening the Pathways
of Communication 

1 ~ Opening Possibility Within our

      Animal Kin Relationships

2 ~ Building Relationship through

      Prayers & Offerings

3 ~ Opening the Pathways

     of Communication

4 ~ Feathers, Bones, Furs & Hides

5 ~ Our Living Animal Kin 

6 ~ Animal Initiations 

7 ~ Animal Collaborations
      and Blessings 

8 ~ The Magic and Medicine

      of Working with Birds 

♡ The different forms of extrasensory perception, honoring your unique pathways of communication, and the different ways animals may show up in your field of awareness ♡

♡ Creating Sacred and Safe Space and Containment for Spirit Realm Communication 

♡ Accessing non-ordinary states of consciousness 

Continuing video above... 

~  Link for our second Live Call on January 8 ~ 


Lifestyle & diet shifts that can support opening the channels of clear flow & communication.


Working with some of my favorite plant allies for psychic awakening: Mugwort, Blue Lotus, Cacao

This week we are opening the psychic channels of perception to be able to communicate directly with the animal realms.

~ Different forms of psychic perception ~

✨Clairvoyance ~ visual, seeing images & scenes

✨Clairaudience ~ auditory, hearings sounds and voices
✨ Clairsentience ~ feeling through the body, "gut feeling" kinesthetic

✨Claircognizance ~ clear and direct knowing, an immediate download

and more... 

"Extrasensory perception is the ability to discern objectively verifiable information without using the five physical senses. Think of it as a direct transfer of information between consciousness and the environment. Some people refer to it as the sixth sense."

~ Curiosity ~

What forms of extrasensory perception do you already connect to?

What forms do you not connect to? 

What ways do you receive messages? 

~ ~ ~ Resources for Plant Allies ~ ~ ~

 ( ( ( C A C A O ) ) )  

~ ORA Cacao ~

My all time favorite ceremonial cacao source!  They are on the more expensive side, though high quality and integrity every step of the journey. Sourced directly from family farms in deep relationship and integrity with the growers and lineage. And Jonas has serious wizard skills in roasting the beans to perfection. I recommend Glowing Gutamala and Connected Colombia. Their Tantric Rose Blossom is truly a delight!

Their site also has great resources to learn more about the medicine of cacao. 

~ Wilderness Poets ~

Also very high quality and integrity cacao, yet much more affordable. I really love this cacao as well. It was at the local co-op here which is how I first had some and really loved it. So it may be available in some stores.

there are so many others... these are just some that I can personally vouch for that I really love. It is super important to make sure you are buying cacao that comes from a good source of integrity and love. As the chocolate industry is rife with child labor and exploitative practices. There are so many steps along the way to bring cacao to your cup. There are some places that also have really great sourcing, but they don't quite process and roast the beans super well and the taste just isn't quite great. 

( ( (  B L U E ~ L O T U S  ) ) )

Fractal Flowers is a great source for Blue Lotus Flowers 

they also have an amazing CBD with blue lotus that I LOVE. 

And a hair / anointing oil with it :)

Etsy is a great place to find blue lotus flowers. I have purchased Blue Lotus from this particular shop, directly from Sri Lanka. Though it seems there is none available right now. Shipping also could take a long time. There are many other options though.

Anima Mundi 

They sell Blue Lotus Flowers and some smoking blends, as well as a Dreaming blend tea with blue lotus :)

( ( (  M U G W O R T  ) ) )  

Often you can find this herb at your local herb shop! 

Mountain Rose Herbs is also a great place to order Organic Herbs

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