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Week 5 ~ Our Living Animal Kin

1 ~ Opening Possibility Within our

      Animal Kin Relationships

2 ~ Building Relationship through

      Prayers & Offerings

3 ~ Opening the Pathways

     of Communication

4 ~ Feathers, Bones, Furs & Hides

5 ~ Our Living Animal Kin 

6 ~ Animal Initiations ~ TOTEMS

7 ~ Animal Collaborations
      and Blessings 

8 ~ The Magic and Medicine

      of Working with Birds 

♡ Connecting with Living Animals 

Pets & Wild Animals

Respect & Spirit Greeting

~ R E F L E C T I O N S ~ 

~ In what ways do you already communicate with living animals around you?

~ When you have had connective experiences with living animals, how were you communicating with them?
Or them with you?

~ Do you feel more drawn to connecting with wild animals or pets? Or both :) 

~ Would you like to be able to communicate more with living animals? Why? And in what context?
What pathways of perception do you think could be practiced and strengthened
to open to more communication? 
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