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Animal Medicine &

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~ Next round in fall of 2022 ~

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art by Susan Seddon-Boulet

Humans have the potential to connect

with the spirit of animals

in a deep and magical way. 


In a way that is so profoundly enriching to life.

In a way that awakens the medicine of soul. 

Over the years I have come to know and

remember this DEEPLY in my bones.

The medicine of walking in profound relationship

with animal kin.

They have guided me, blessed me, and transformed me

in the most immense of ways that

I am eternally grateful for. 

The animals want me to share what I have learned with you, so you can walk your own path of

medicine and magic with them. 

Communication between animals and humans is ancient. 

This memory is in our bones.

 It is encoded within our blueprint as human beings on this earth. 

Our connection to the animals is as deep and foundational 

as our connection to life on this earth. 


The intention of this course is to support you to flourish in your

unique relationship to the animal kin in your life. 

To strengthen the threads of communion with our non-human relatives.


As you open your unique pathways of communication with animals,

and tend these relationships with love and care,

you can receive direct messages and wisdom

from the spirit of the animals that are speaking to you. 

Through this direct communion, you receive a far more rich and intimate

connection to the animal realms than you could ever read

in a book or card about “bear medicine”, or "hawk meaning".

It is unique to YOU and your life walk. 

These animal relationships can grow and evolve into really freakin’ potent medicine

that supports you to walk the path of your soul. To embody your gifts.

To walk in reciprocal and awakened relationship on this earth. 

As we strengthen our threads of communion with our non-human relatives,

we re-weave ourselves back into the 

rainbow web of creation. 

This course supports you to... 

~ 🌿 Connect with the spirit of animals in a respectful, honoring way  

~  Discover and connect to your animal spirit guides and animal totems 

~  Become more attuned to the spirit of animals and the messages they bring

~  Communicate with pets and wild animals 

 ​🌿 Expand your awareness of what is possible in the realms of animal communication 

~ Open to deeper & more meaningful relationship to the animals you resonate with

~ Strengthen your channels of intuitive listening and extrasensory perception to better communicate with animals


🌿 Re-wild your spirit to connect in a more earth-rooted, ancient and indigenous way

~ Remember ancient ways of tending to relationship with the earth and animals  

~ Explore ritual that opens pathways of magic and communion 

~ Give back to your animal kin through sacred reciprocity


🌿 Weave your relationship with animal medicine into your life and path

~ Integrate your unique animal medicine through embodying the qualities

of your animals totems

~ Resourcing your animal allies to support you to navigate life initiations,

expansions, and challenges 

~ Collaborate with animal allies for healings and blessings on yourself and others 


art by Susan Seddon-Boulet

🌿 Walk in profound relationship with animal kin 🌿

~ A video share about this course ~

Week 1 ~ Opening Possibility Within
our Animal Kin Relationships

 ♡ Animal Medicine is in our bones ♡ 


~ Remembering our rainbow roots of connection to the animal realms

~ Ancient - Ancestral - Indigenous 

perspectives on the animals

~ Re-writing the colonial narrative of separation and superiority, 

domestication and exploitation

~ Storytelling to expand ideas of what is possible in the realms of animal medicine 

~ Opening to, and honoring the vast intelligence, magic and medicine

of our animal family


Week 2 ~ Building Relationship through Prayers & Offerings


♡ Opening, cultivating, and tending relationship with our animal kin through reciprocity ♡

~ Animal Nations & archetypal animal energies vs. personal animal kin connections 

~ Creating space and commitments to cultivate & deepen relationships with specific animals

~ Practices for feeding your animal relations

through offerings and blessings 

~ Devotion to walking a path of connection 

~ Gratitude and giving back

Week 3 ~ Opening the Pathways of Communication

Opening the psychic channels to be able to communicate directly with the animal realms 

~ Accessing our non-ordinary senses of perception

and states of consciousness 

~ Cultivating intuition and extrasensory perception, honoring your unique pathways of communion

~ Setting up sacred & safe space for

spirit realm communication  

~ Connecting with your Spirit Animal Guides and receiving messages & guidance from them 

~ Ceremonial ways to connect more deeply

with your unique animal relationships


Photo: Marissa Pfenning


Artist: Hans Valør

Week 4 ~ Feathers, Bones, Furs & Hides

♡ Connecting with the spirit of animals who have passed through their physical remains ♡

~ Approaching relationship with Animal

Ancestors in reverence and listening deeply

to respect their wishes and needs

~ Tending to the spirit of the animal as they

still live in their physical parts

~ Caring for bones, feathers, wings, talons, 

furs and hides in a good way

~ Maintaining Energetic Hygiene as you relate with

these parts of the animal

~ Ways to work with the medicine of animal parts 

~ Week 5 ~
Our Living Animal Kin 

♡ Possibilities for communicating with animals we encounter in the wild and in our lives ♡

~ Opening the heart connection & 

empathic, somatic listening

~ Wild Animal communication & encounters

~ Pets and domesticated animal communication 

~ Animal telepathy & other ways they communicate

~ Practicing & embodying your unique 

channels of communication 

~ Boundaries & Respect 


~ Week 6 ~
Animal Initiations 

♡ Relationships with animals that support and guide us through deep life initiations ♡

~ Animal Totems & Lifelong Relationships

~ Predatory Animals & navigating fear

~ Animal shadow aspects &

reversal symbols used within the matrix

~ Embodying your Animal Medicine to 

serve with your gifts

~ Week 7 ~
Animal Collaborations
and Blessings 

♡ Collaborating with animal allies for personal and collective healing and blessings ♡

✨This will include more advanced teachings for expanding your animal relationships into realms

of supporting others ~ this will not be for all 

~ Feather Blessings & Clearings

~ Dance & Embodiment rituals

~ Channeling Animal Songs 

~ Collaborating with your animal allies for healing

on yourself and others


Artist: Hans Valør


~ BONUS Week 8 ~
The Magic and Medicine of Working with Birds 

♡ Practical and spiritual guidance for processing dead birds ♡

~ Full spectrum details of how to process & cure bird wings, talons, feathers and bones

in an honoring way

~ Logistics include: Safety when picking up dead birds, making an offering and asking permission, step by step processing of the body, different ways to preserve, ritual and honoring of the body, and care for different parts.

~ Harvesting meat & edibles from the bird,

if applicable

~ Dates ~ 

We begin on Saturday December 18, 2021 

Course content is released every other Friday ✨

You have 2 weeks to move through each module 

before the next one is released. 

December 3 & 17 & 31

January 14 & 28

February 11 & 25

March 11 

Each weeks course content includes content videos, sound journeys/

meditations, practices and resources.

These modules are pre-recorded, so you can begin them at the

pace and timing that works for your life. 

✨ 8 live Calls, twice a month ✨

deepening the content, storytelling, Q & A, guided ritual

        Saturdays  9am ~ 11 am PST

Thursdays 5pm ~ 7pm PST

December 18

January 8 & 20

February 5 & 17

March 5 & 17 

(Special Solstice Whale Weaving Ritual December 19)

These will all be recorded and sent out

if you cannot make it live, or for future viewing


You Receive... 

💧 8 modules of teachings, resources, and video content  

💧 8 Live calls ~ a space to go deeper into the material, ask questions, share stories and connect about our experiences. 


💧 Guided journeys and meditations will be part of some weeks content & the lives calls 

💧 Assignments and experiential practices to integrate and implement the teachings in your own space. So you can bring this into your life in a way that is meaningful and resonant to you 

💧 An online group space ~ for connecting more deeply about our journeys with the animals, sharing our stories, and receiving support 

💧 Music playlists and animal song sharing 


♡ pay from the heart 

I am offering 2 tiers of financial exchange for this course,

and a supported option if you need financial assistance.

This is so I can honor the authentic worth of this offering and

my own needs, while also holding space for the variety of

financial situations within this current time on earth.

I trust you to choose honestly what you are able to give

as an exchange from your heart. 




 This is the full amount of authentic exchange for what this course offers! Yipeee! Your funds are also supporting others who have less access to wealth to participate

This is the minimum suggested donation for the course. This still honors the value of what I am offering, yet is reduced some to be more accessible and affordable.  

This is the exchange with financial support. If you feel really drawn to participate! but don't have the capacity to pay the minimum amount. If you feel called to be here, I want you to be here too. No questions asked  

~ Payment Plans available for all tiers ~

see below 

To Register ♡

1 ~ Send reciprocity through 

Venmo ~ @AbigailHinds (preferred)

or Paypal ~ 

2 ~  Email

with the subject line "Animal Medicine"

Share the animal you are currently

most connected to :)

and if you are doing a payment plan

3 ~ At some point early-December, you will receive a welcome email with all of the information and details you need for the course!



~ Payment Options ~


$888 can be pay in full,

or 2 payments of $444 

or 4 payments of $222

$555 can be pay in full 

or 2 payments of $280

or 4 payments of $140


$333 can be pay in full 

or 2 payments of $167

or 4 payments of $84 

If you would like a different arrangement than what is available here, or cannot afford the assisted $333 amount, please reach out, and we can see what is possible.

You are also welcome to give more than these options! Or somewhere in between the $555 and $888 

art by Susan Seddon-Boulet

10% of all income from this course will be donated to different indigenous & animal protection groups including the local Nooksack Tribe here in Washington, a Whale Organization, and a fundraiser for Q'ero community in the Andes 

~ Your guide, Abigail ~
why trust me to guide this journey?


Photo: Madeline Trudelle

I have been walking a path of profound relationship with animal kin for many years. For my whole life really, as I have always had a deep love and kinship with animals. Though it’s been a more intensive, focused and

sincere walk of initiation for the past 8 years. 


My relationship with the animals has been a massive and foundational part of my soul awakening journey. In many ways, this path choose me. The animals began speaking to me, calling me to their medicine, reaching out in mystical, and undeniable ways. Their love and guidance has thoroughly supported me, transformed me, and initiated me into the medicine I carry today.

Their wisdom and whispers have helped me share my gifts

in ways I never imagined possible. 


I am eternally grateful for the animals that guide and support my life.

In many ways, this course is from THEM ~ a strong nudge and encouragement to share about what is possible in the realms of animal medicine connection. To help others find their own pathways to this sacred relationship.


My study with the animal allies in my life has been a journey of remembering how to live in honoring, reciprocal relationship within this sacred web of life. Feeling deeply in my soul the interconnectedness

between me and the massive whales out in the deep sea.

Between me and the sparkling fire flies in the summer night skies.

And how to walk in reverence and respect of this connection.

I am still learning and growing in these ways all the time.

This is my devotion and life path. 


Much of my path of walking with animal kin, has been a direct learning experience. Learning and being initiated from the animals themselves.

The birds telling me how to work with their wings in an honoring way.

How they want to be tended. The whales cleansing my body’s waters and bringing me into their deep sea womb space for healing.


A big part of the journey has and always will be ~ listening.

Listening directly with my heart to the spirit of the animals.

And eventually following through, putting things

into practice and participating in spaces of collaboration. 

Maria Owl Gutierrez of Sacred Future has been one of my main teachers / mentors supporting me on this path. Much of my journey with her has been immersed in earth-based ritual, nature connection, ancestral wisdom connection, intuitive development, and channeling. It has been a soul level initiatory journey the whole way through. It is from her mentorship that I was able to open these channels and begin to connect more expansively and directly to the animal spirits, my ancestors, and my own soul. She also hugely held space for me to open to my epic love journey with the whales.

I am forever grateful ♡ 


I am also eternally grateful for the Indigenous People of this earth, and the wisdom keepers who have kept these earth ways of connection and spirit alive. I am grateful for all of the beings who have shared pieces of this wisdom with me along my journey. It is that aliveness that has touched my own soul and helped me to awaken my rainbow roots of remembering. It is that aliveness of connection to spirit and the earth that is the foundation of this course.  

The animal tribes I walk with are my family.

I am a song channel for many animals, singing their medicine

and transmissions into this realm for wisdom, joy, and healing.


 I collaborate with the whales and birds and big cats, among others…  to offer sound medicine re-calibrations, womb healing sessions,

water prayers & elemental rituals. 

Beyond working with the animals… I specialize in breast massage and

womb healing. I support people with juicy - embodied - fertility.

I also share psychic re-calibration sessions and energetic support. 

I am an intuitive artist and weaver, channeling magic, songs, prayers and the creative spirit of life into sacred jewelry and medicine tools as prayers for healing. I work with the winged ones in creating feather wands and fans as a way to collaborate with the birds for healing. 

The medicine I share is intended to support the unwinding from oppressive programming and domestication that disconnects us from our natural connection to life, and distorts our authentic radiant expression.


My work is a living prayer that we live in harmonic resonance with each other and all of creation. Rooted in the earth ways, and ancient ancestral wisdom,  

empowered to radiate the unique and magical medicine of our soul

to this web of life in reverence, beauty, truth and love.


Photo: Madeline Trudelle


Additional support through private sessions with me is available throughout the course. 

I am offering 1-1 sessions at a discount of $111 for anyone during the course. These are 75-90 min sessions that can include energy medicine, animal readings, and integration / embodiment support.

I am also available for custom feather wand orders 🦃 

As a bird witch, I often have wings on hand available for the right person. And I weave ceremonial feather wands to use for clearings and blessings.


We will be getting into working with feathers & wings during module 5, and going deeper into  ceremonial blessings and healing in week 7.

If you would like to have your own wings or wand to work with for these modules, feel free to reach out about options. 

art by Susan Seddon-Boulet


This course is guided by the animals and ancestors

calling us to remember our living, breathing,

heart-beating connection to them,

and to all of life 

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