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Week 1 ~ Opening Possibility Within Animal Kin Relationships 

1 ~ Opening Possibility Within our

      Animal Kin Relationships

2 ~ Building Relationship through

      Prayers & Offerings

3 ~ Opening the Pathways

     of Communication

4 ~ Feathers, Bones, Furs & Hides

5 ~ Our Living Animal Kin 

6 ~ Animal Initiations 

7 ~ Animal Collaborations
      and Blessings 

8 ~ The Magic and Medicine

      of Working with Birds 

Opening Video Part 1

Opening Video Part 2

Invitations for the weeks to come 

♡ W E L C O M E ♡

 This week we are opening and expanding into these
✨ magical realms of Animal Medicine ✨

On this journey together, we will be discovering ~ what is possible in the realms of Animal Medicine and Communication? 

~ Invitations ~

~ Find a place in nature to sit with this opening. Tune into what is alive for you in beginning this journey. What are your intentions? What animals are in your field right now? 

~ Create an altar for our journey together. This serves as an anchor and focus point to ground your intentions and remind you of the medicine you are working with. This is an intuitive process of gathering sacred items you feel drawn to that will support you on this journey. They can be earth elements, animal medicine, photos, sacred items, whatever is calling to you. This is a living space that can evolve over the course as as new pieces emerge. 

~ Make sure you have a journal for this journey. This can be one dedicated soley to the animal medicine journey, or you incorporate writing into a journal you already use. Something to record the magical happenings and inquiries as we flow. 
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