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~ Blessed Breasts ~ 


~ Week 6 Call ~
Breast Health Longevity

~ Week 5 Call ~
The Sensual, the Mystical & the Erotic

~ Week 4 Call ~ 
Exploring Our Terrain

~ Week 3 Call ~ 
Rivers of Life

~ Invitation ~ 

Massage your breasts every day! 

Without needing to identify or know exactly what is happening, simply explore and follow the flow we practiced to begin opening your channels and saying hello to your breasts! 

~ Week 2 Call ~ 
Embodied Breast Connection 

~ Resources for Breast Cream ~ 

My favorite breast creams! Both of these are super medicinal with many plants and oils that support breast health.

And they smell amazing. 

~ Dhyana Center Breast Cream

~ Rae's Breast Balm 

(she has been sold out because she just had a baby)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

This is another breast oil I love. It is much more floral with a lot of rose. I don't use this for my everyday breast oil, but more as a special time breast oil.

And this is an amazing copal & rose salve for anointing.

The copal is deeply clearing and like a temple blessing. 

I like to use it on my heart and womb.

Sometimes on my nipples as well.

~ Week 1 Call ~ 
The Well of Feminine Nourishment 

Inquiries for this week... 

 What is your relationship to your breasts?

Create space to feel into different facets of

how you relate to your breasts.

Approaching with curiosity and loving presence.

Even if you don't feel very connected to them,

or you avoid connection because of pain.

Just noticing how you relate to them.  

 How are you in relationship to your 

feminine well of nourishment? 

(we spoke to this more in depth on the call)

  Experiment with not wearing a bra as much as possible!

Do you notice a difference?

Do you feel your breasts have a preference?

Feel into the layers of what it may look like for you

to go braless in this world. 

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