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~ Breast Massage ~
Workshop & Circle 

Grass Valley, CA ~ August 11, 5:30-8:30 pm


Artist: Lionel Walden

Come learn how to massage your breasts! 

Self breast massage is the #1 most important tool to prevent issues like cancer, mastitis, cysts, pain and clogged ducts in the breasts.


It is also a key in breast health longevity, and allowing the fullness of your feminine intelligence to flow, nourishing yourself and the world around you. 

My dear friend Julie, will be supporting this workshop. She is a powerful healer who works as a spiritual coach, kundalini yoga instructor, and energy healer.


 She will be guiding us into a meditation to open the heart and expand our subtle awareness. Anchoring presence, to reach deeper layers of wellness.


This is to support us to tune into the healing energy that flows through our own hands, to listen to the messages of the body and to rejuvenate our relationship to our breasts. 

Included in this workshop... 


Teaching on the Lymphatic System, called the "Rivers of Life"

in Ayurveda. How these rivers move through our breasts

and ways to support their healthy flow.


Transmission on nourishing and caring for our breasts

to allow our feminine intelligence to flow freely

and bless our lives and relationships. 


Council of the Heart ~ community share exploring the

many layers of our relationship to our breasts. 


Full download of self-breast massage, so you can know how to tend to your own breast health for the rest of your life!



We will be massaging our own breasts in circle together, remembering this essential piece of feminine care and wellness.

Returning nourishment to our bodies within the sacred

space of sisterhood. 


We will touch on Self-Care tools and practices to support long term breast health, conversations about lumps and cancer

(how to identify them), and other factors that effect

breast health like diet and relationships. 


You will also receive a resource document with breast health resources such as bra companies, breast creams, and other educational sources of information. 


You will come away having the confidence and skillset to care for your own breasts for the rest of your life.

You will likely have a new outlook on breast health and an inspired urge to tend to your breasts!

Snacks and tea will be provided :)

20 min from Grass Valley, CA 

Address provided upon registration

*** note ***

There will be partial nudity as we will take off our tops for the massage part. You are welcome to keep a bra on if that makes you more comfortable, and will still be able to receive the skill and transmission.  But if being around other's breasts will trigger you or make you uncomfortable, this may not be the space for you. 

This is within a private and closed container.

*** another note ***

This is a workshop for women who have breasts.

I offer private session for those who have had mastectomies or top surgeries. There are more specific and nuanced approaches for working with scar tissue and those kinds of procedures, that we will not be covering in this class. Those deserve care as well, it just won't be available in this class.


Also, if you have breast implants, this will still be supportive and relevant, but know that some parts, like when we get into the actual breast tissue, will not be able to be applied to you.


~ Exchange ~ 

$88 ~ $44
sliding scale

To Register: 

1 ~ Send your payment through Venmo ~ @Abigail Hinds            with the subject Breast Circle 

     (reach out if you need a different payment method)

2 ~ Send me an email ~

with the same subject 'Breast Circle', your name, your impulse to come to this offering, and which location / dates you will be attending. 

You will receive an email with more details and exact location for the circle.

I look forward to seeing you there! 

**If you feel called to come, but finances are the only barrier, please reach out through email and let me know.

I can offer some discounted price entries


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