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~ Cord Transplanting & Tending ~

Honoring Relations ~ Cultivating Sovereignty

This session is to support you in removing or transplanting any cords of attachment that are no longer serving your highest health and balance.


The most common cords we have are from current or past lovers, as these are people we let in very intimately. Though parents and other close relationships can also be present and affect us deeply.


When we are no longer in resonance with someone, or walking an intentional path side by side with them, these cords can be draining and confusing, They can affect all areas of our lives ~ psychological, emotional, physical, spiritual.


Clearing these cords can create a huge relief and a feeling of coming back home to yourself. Supporting you to anchor into more clarity and grounded truth as you walk your soul path. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


We begin this session by dropping in through conversation about what is

alive for you and what you would like support with.

I set up an energetic container for us to journey within.


Then I guide you in a meditation to locate these cords within and asses what is present there, and what needed to bring them into highest health and balance moving forward.

I guide you to tend to the cords through energetic attunement, or to remove them completely and safely.


I support you to fill yourself back up with your own life force energy

so there are not leaks in your field.

There may be multiple charkras or places in the body to tend to

depending on the intensity and depth of the relationship.

We complete the session by closing the space and speaking to any pieces of

integration and further healing that want to be shared. 


~ ~ ~ This whole process is a collaboration ~ ~ ~ 

I will be guiding you in all of the steps to do this in a complete and safe way.

I will also be checking in with you throughout for what you are intuitively sensing

and what you feel is best for your own body and life.

You are the one doing the cord tending and removal,

I am simply guiding the process.


I offer this with deep reverence and respect for

the history and energies within these cords,

and for your soul’s journey of learning and awakening.

This process is done with love and mindfulness,

truly bringing these cords to completion

and your own energy body into present time and sovereignty.


 Cord tending and removal is a deep process that most always includes 

looking at our own shadows and patterns in relating 

that created these unhealthy cording in the first place. 

So there will likely be pieces of integration and continued inquiry

to fully shift these patterns in your vessel and life. 

This is a huge and important piece, AND it still requires 

continued integration and showing up for yourself in your daily life. 

I will offer any supportive practices and insights for your continued 

integration and application. 

Individual sessions ~ $144

     90 min 


Couples sessions ~ $188 

     90 min ~ 2 hours

Session length varies


To schedule a session please reach out directly through email  ~ 
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