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~ Sensual Soul Embodiment ~


A 3 month journey to bring flow and nourishment to your 

womb ~ heart ~ crown

Hello dear soul,

Welcome to the Mermaid Temple.

I am so grateful you found your way to this page.

Below are some musings on what this offering is. 

I am honored to share this wisdom and medicine with you. 

In service to the deeper awakening and remembering of the living wisdom and medicine

within your own sacred temple. 


The Inner Well of Feminine Intelligence

Our wombs, our hearts, our crown. 

These are gateways in our body that connect us 

with the pulsing aliveness of creation.

With the juicy, magical and highly intelligent realms of our essential nature.


We feel, sense and attune through these centers.


We take in and process the world around us through these centers. 


The depth and aliveness of our creations originates in these centers.

Sensual Soul Embodiment is an offering intended to

connect you with the deeper source intelligence

of your body & soul.

Welcome to the Integration Station. 
Guided embodied journeying and ritual that takes the teachings deeper. 

Bringing the teachings into the landscape of our own bodies.

Discovering how the wisdom lives and expresses within our unique vessel. 

Our wild sensual connection to life is our birthright. 

And it is our most trusted and powerful navigational system. 


More than ever we are being asked to create another way to live on this planet.

To weave ourselves back into harmonious connection with the web of life.

Inhabiting our bodies and our life-giving centers of creation is essential. 


Journeying with the Womb - Heart - Crown 

These centers of our body contain vast and deep intelligence. 



The kind of intelligence that is way beyond mind’s boxes of identification and laid out systems.

Is is the intelligence of our intuition, our felt senses, and our primal instinctual nature.

It is the intelligence that is connected to the greater God Source of life.

The kind of intelligence that we so greatly need to guide us into this next phase of humanity’s journey on earth. 

Through more fully inhabiting these centers,

we experience more of this connected and magical intelligence.

We experience more of our true soul essence.

Like a well of wisdom, it pours into our lives.

And all we create. 


♡ 2 Sensual Soma Temple Journeys

every other week


♡ One Ceremonial / Ritual Experience

♡ One Q & A and Integration Session

♡ Recorded Meditations for Integration

~ you also receive ~ 

♡ Dance Playlists

♡ Pre-Recorded Video Teachings


♡ Private Telegram group to connect with each other throughout the journey, share, and

ask me questions anytime.

Each live session will be recorded and added to our

group page within 48 hours


~ Sensual Soma Temple Journeys ~


We meet in this Mermaid Temple space for guided embodiment journeys.

We will be moving & dancing to a beautiful playlist,  while I gently guide you with my voice to drop deeper into your body and senses.


These temple journeys are a space where our bodies get the chance to speak freely. In their circles and spirals, in unexplainable motions and movements


Our bodies get to speak from the inside out.

Moving beyond patterns of domestication of how the body ‘should’ move, or is conditioned to move, we experience the deeper layers of our body's authentic expression.



This kind of embodiment journey allows the wisdom of our

bodies to express. To be felt and known.

These journeys are an opportunity to connect with your creation centers through direct embodied experience. Not just me telling you about your womb, but you actually feeling your womb and experiencing what is true and alive for you there.


We all love information. Knowledge is amazing, and such a crucial part of our journey. But, collecting more information is not embodiment. 

We need deeper experiences to integrate the knowledge. To know it in our body. This is bringing the teachings home to the body.

These journeys open FLOW in our bodies.

Get our internal waters moving. 

Clearing out pockets of stagnancy and hiding. 

Slowly melting the freeze.

They get our booties shakin' and our wombs juicy bouncing. 

Shaking off the dusty corners and creaky crevices. 

Welcoming more ALIVENESS. 

These deep body journeys intent to bring you deeper into connection with

the sensual aliveness within. 

To experience sensual aliveness, we must go into our body.


We have to contact the places that are numb or frozen. The places we have neglected or disconnected from. 

The places where we hardened, creating layers of bulk density to protect and shield ourselves.

We also get to go into the places of great magic and medicine 

we have yet to discover... 

Touching into the deeper parts of ourselves, we contact our true power. 

We awakening the FIRE of our passion and purpose. 

So we can move with inspired energy toward that which we care deeply about.

Toward that which we yearn to create.

~ ~ ~ 

These journeys are inspired by my extensive studies with Stefana Serafina

& her models of the Deep Body & Intuitive Body & Dance

~ Mermaid Medicine ~

I received a strong vision for this year of the Dragon, that it will be important to keep the pathways of our internal rivers open. The more our channels are clear and flowing, the more the dragon energies will be able to move with us and through us, Flowing unobstructed to create our visions into the world. This is crucial to have the spark of motivation and energy to put towards our passions and growth. 


One of the ways the mermaids support the dragons is through the waterways. They tend to the waterways of the earth where the dragon energies and lines flow through. Within our bodies, the mermaids can help us with our inner waterways. The rivers of life that flow through our bodies. 


The mermaids are deep divers. Not afraid of the waters of emotions and all we may find there. They expertly know how to traverse the depths. And how to sing the frequencies into the waters that bring the soul back home. 

This is for the mermaid women who have the courage to touch these depths within. To delve into the inner waters and move whatever is in there through the body.

The mermaid medicine brings us into ecstatic connection with our bodies. Ecstatic to come alive again. Ecstatic to feeeeeeeel. Celebrating our waters flowing and our senses coming online again. 


~ Dates ~ 
*postponed until 2025*


9:30 - 11 am PST

12:30 - 2 pm EST

5:30 - 7 pm GMT

March 6 ~ Waters of the Womb

March 13 ~ Whale Womb Ceremony

March 20 ~ Womb Root

( March 25 ~ Q & A / Integration )

April 3 ~ Center & Stem

April 10 ~ Breast Massage Ritual

April 17 ~ Breasts & Heart 

( April 22 ~ Q & A / Integration )

May 1 ~ Dragon Spine

May 8 ~ Mermaid Hair Ritual

May 15 ~ Womb to Crown

( May 20 ~ Q & A / Integration )

Waters of the Womb 
   Temple Journey
WhaleDrum copy.jpg
Whale Womb Ceremony 
Womb Root 
   Temple Journey 

~ WOMB ~ 

Our first month is all about dropping into our pelvis.

Attending to the waters of our womb space.

Opening our root. 

Bringing nourishment and juiciness to our center of creation.

The womb is our foundation and our stargate portal

to birthing creation.

Waters of the Womb Temple Journey

Exploring the depths of our inner well. Our oceans and our emotions. Calling in the water element to support us with flow and fluidity. Cleansing the stagnant waters. Bringing in more crystalline frequencies of our soul. 


Whale Womb Ceremony

This is a guided oceanic sound medicine journey into the watery depths of the whale & mermaid songs. A journey to connect with the inner waters of your womb space. High beam star light sounds of crystalline ancestors. The slow bellowing wails from the depths of the sea.The Humpback Whales will guide us in moving, cleansing, and awakening the crystalline waters of our womb temples. Full spectrum rainbow medicine of ancient soul remembering. 

 Womb Root Temple Journey

In this journey we will be rooting into our pelvic bowl. Finding our anchor and place of deeper support and safety. Establishing and strengthening connection. 

~ HEART ~ 

Our second month is tending to the breasts and heart center.  Strengthening our connection and relationship here so we can be more in touch with the compass of our heart. So we can radiate the nourishment of our embodied love into all we do. 

Stem & Center Temple Journey

Moving up from our Root, we contact our belly and central stem. This center place of our body that can hold so much shame and tension as women. Tending lovingly and with presence to unwind and open more freedom here. 

Breast Massage Ritual

I will share a Self Breast Massage practice that best nourishes the lymphatic Rivers of Life that flow through our chests. We will practice and massage our breasts together in a beautiful sacred space. This practice is very activating to the heart and breasts. It can support clearing of pain, stagnancy and tension. It is also deeply heart opening, creating a glow in the whole chest. This is one of my favorite every day practices and something you can continue to

tend on your own. 

Breast & Heart Temple Journey

This journey brings us deeper into exploration of our breasts, our heart, and our entire chest area. Getting to experience our breasts as more free and fluid. Touching into the wisdom and truths living in the center of our hearts. 

Stem & Center 
   Temple Journey 
Breast Massage Ritual
Breasts & Heart
   Temple Journey
Dragon Spine
   Temple Journey 
Mermaid Hair Ritual 
Womb to Crown  
   Temple Journey


Moving all the way up to our Crown, and connecting up & down. Focusing on our spine, as it holds the space of our back body, from tailbone in the pelvis to the cranium in our heads.


Lotus Mermaid codes offer wisdom & guidance for this weaving. 

Connecting to the psychic and intuitive realms of our body.

And how that energy flows from the womb to our crown.

Bringing fluidity to our core structure.


Dragon Spine Temple Journey 

Awakening the dragon spine. The fluidity of the liquid rainbow light that flows through these bones. Practicing this language of deeper sensing through our entire back body. Strengthening our body's primal instinctual ways of moving.  Awakening the eyes and feelers of all our senses.  

Mermaid Hair Ritual 

Tending the Waterfall of our Crown ~ our hair. We will delve into practices for natural and enlivening hair care. Together we will do a ritual washing & anointing of our hair & crown. To bring enlivened senses and blessings to our crown. 

Womb to Crown Temple Journey

This is the full integration session. Discovering how all of these centers of our body are in conversation with each other. With our movement, we will delve into how they interact and engage. Through embodiment, we create stronger pathways of communication between them. Where new space has been cleared and opened within, we will fill ourselves with the light of God, and our own soul essence. 

~ Investment ~ 

Full Payment 

Payment Plan 

x3 months
+ 3 private sessions with me


~ If you are paying in full you may also send payment through ~ 

Venmo @AbigailHinds

Paypal friends & family

~ Special UK & Europe Prices ~

for women living in these lands

~ Pay in Full ~

~ Payment Plan ~

£88 x3 months
+ 3 private sessions
with me


Please reach out for payment info

if you'd like the UK pricing


Testimonial for
Sensual Soul Embodiment 

I attended Abigail's Sensual Soul Embodiment online course during the late Spring of 2020. It was unquestionably the refuge I needed during such a tumultuous time for the world - and as will naturally follow- within myself.  Exploring the feminine is deeply vulnerable for me, and attending a course of this nature was a commitment to lovingly challenge myself. It is with a heart filled with gratitude that I can say that every part of this course was imbued with love and compassion,  as well as Abigail's seemingly endless knowledge.

Abigail skillfully structured the course to be a safe, warm proverbial womb that weaved women together across vast stretches of geographical space. As the evolution of online instruction is exploding, this is not always an easy thing to do I have found -

but Abigail made it seem effortless.

I left this course feeling more empowered, and overwhelmed with gratitude. The gentle yet powerful connection I made to the other women and to myself will remain now and always as a soothing light in my heart. If you are blessed with the opportunity to work with Abigail I wholeheartedly encourage you to do so. 

~ Laura 

This experience is about creating more ( ( ( F L O W ) ) )

and freedom in our bodies, in our emotions,

and in our soul’s expression.


This offering is designed to support your ( ( ( F E R T I L I T Y ) ) ) 

The juicy pulsing vitality of your centers of creation. 

Breasts that are alive, attuned and offering their

loving nourishment to the world. 

Wombs that are rooted in the earth,

nourished by life-giving connection,

birthing in truth and love. 


This offering is about ( ( ( S O U L ~  E M B O D I M E N T ) ) )  

Clear connection to your inner navigational system. 

Attunement to the deeper wisdom of soul and GOD

that speaks through your body

and comes alive in our sacred temple space.

Re-wilding our bodies to flow and pulse with more sensual aliveness


Your Guide, Abigail 

My devotion is in the realms of healing and re-wilding the female body & soul. I am a mermaid at heart. I love the spiraling feminine water mysteries of sensuality and beauty. Swimming and singing in the depths of the whale songs and emotional realms. I am in devotion to the Venusian arts and the remembering of the mystery school within our female biology. 

We are birthing a new and ancient way of living on this earth, through the portals of our wombs. It is essential we are inhabiting and tending this sacred space to birth in health and balance. Inhabiting our wombs and hearts, connected to the song of our soul, and in co-creation with God. So we can birth visions that are truly in harmony and support of the future generations to come. 

My awakening path began with my womb. And since that opening, I have been drawn to pursue medicine that supports the womb, the breasts / heart, and the spirit of women. Medicine that had been largely forgotten, burned, buried, and certainly left out of my previous education. 

I am a wisdom keeper of these feminine healing lineages, and bone deep ancestral medicines, that nourish the life-giving creative powers of the heart, womb, and soul.  That nourish our ability to weave and co-create with the Divine. 

 I tend to the hearts and breasts of women through offering Breast Massage and Breast Health Education. Tending to the internal lymphatic rivers so the feminine intelligence of our waters and hearts may flow freely. I am also  songstress who channels soulful medicine music, mermaid melodies, and the voice of the Whales. I collaborate with the whales for sound medicine journeys, water blessings, and womb healing. I support women in 1-1 mentorship for deeper soul embodiment and sensual awakening. 

My embodiment lens and guided journeying is deeply inspired by and based in teachings of Intuitive Body & Dance and the Deep Body Model® by Stefana Serafina.


My extensive studies with Stefana deeply supported my yearning for the wildness of my feminine to have expression. To have space where my body could speak in her circles and spirals and unexplainable motions that were certainly not of the mind. She created space for me to access deep womb in my body. To let my body be free to speak from the inside. This has allowed me to walk more freely in my body ~ in my natural expression to move through life in more presence and deeply felt connection. 

A 12 week journey

Sensual Soul Embodiment

Fluidity ~ Fertility ~ Flow 

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