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Mother Earth is Calling for our Heart Medicine

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

I feel the call of Mother Earth. Have you been hearing her as well? Her cries of torched forests, parched lands, stolen children, and the ancient song of the whales ~ calling us to remember ~ to remember that we are all intricately connected in this web of life. Calling us to remember the immense power of love that lives within our hearts ~ this love that can move mountains, shift timelines, and weave a new reality that is honoring of all life.

The Earth is calling for our heart medicine. What do we deeply care about? What is our role in supporting the Earth to come into greater balance? How can we stand up for what we believe in and take action to protect and uplift that which we most deeply cherish? These answers, these actions come from a clear and awakened heart, a-blaze with the full-force power of our unstoppable love.

“When we are embodied in our hearts we express our love freely. We radiate love. This means allowing ourselves to care and feel deeply which is the fertile soil that grows effective action towards positive change.”

The Immense Power of Our Hearts

The heart is the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy in the human body! The electrical field of the heart can be 100 times (or even more!) greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by our brains. WOW. Our hearts are ( ( ( P O W E R F U L ) ) ) in their ability to ( ( ( R A D I A T E ) ) ) our love and emotions. Are we embodied and tuned into our hearts? Our emotions? Are we activated in this powerhouse source? Are we living from love?

I invite you to take a deep breath into your heart. Feel, what is ( ( ( A L I V E ) ) ) in your heart today? Is there a way, in this moment, you can send your heart some nourishment and support? Perhaps visualizing a wash of color that feels balancing, perhaps slowing down to take in more deep breaths, perhaps an affirmation of hope and love. You are sacred. You are worthy. You are love. 

When we are embodied in our hearts we express our ( ( ( L O V E ) ) ) freely, we radiate love. This isn't just being happy and joyful, this means allowing our full spectrum of emotions, including letting our tears of grief and pain flow, for these are expressions of love for that which we have lost or the ache for those who we see in suffering. This means allowing ourselves to care and feel deeply which is the fertile soil that grows effective action towards positive change. This means being willing to share our truths in relationship, showing up for our projects, visions, communities and loved ones, even when we face resistance or it proves challenging.

When we are embodied in our hearts we naturally want to ( ( ( C A R E ) ) ) for the Earth and her creatures. We honor our own bodies and relationships as reflections of the body of the Earth and cosmos. We ( ( ( C R E A T E ) ) ) and ( ( ( A C T ) ) )  from a place of love. 

No one truly connected to their loving heart would burn down the forest, or throw plastic into the ocean, or eat animals who have been tortured, or allow children to be taken from their families, or perpetuate cycles of exploitation and abuse. Keeping in mind that staying connected to our loving hearts can be incredibly challenging in this world, complex and multi-layered, like the cattle farmer who is doing whatever they can to get out of poverty and feed their family. 

Part of this mess we are in, these cycles of destruction that perpetuate themselves, is because our hearts have become lost, numb and disconnected. Through the bombardment of confusing and hateful messages, the brainwashing, ancestral trauma, colonization, paved over earth, dysfunctional relationship dynamics, heartbreak, materialism, social media, EMF’s, poison in our food, poverty, massive planetary grief, toxic water, the list goes on… 

The devastation that is happening on this planet and within our hearts is collective and personal ~ it is happening through the decisions and manipulations of the power elite, and it is happening in our daily small acts of accomplice and disconnection. 

Our hearts can too often feel heavy, congested, and burdened, too weighted to stay ( ( A W A K E ) ) too overwhelmed to give a fuck and make ( ( ( C O N S C I O U S ) ) ) choices from a place of love and interconnectedness. The matrix is thick with channels that support exploitation and abuse. We need the full force power of our hearts to redirect our flow, our energy and our resources towards that which is supportive of ALL life to thrive. We need the full force of our love to create new channels that feed regeneration and sustainability for all.

Heart & Breast Tending

I have learned so much from the work of heart tending through the lymphatic breast massage I offer and teach. This breast-chest tending is a practice of coming home to our precious hearts ~ of tending to our hearts and our internal lymph rivers and emotions. From my experience of working with folks, I know that this area can be one of the most tender and under cared for areas of our body. 

Our breasts and a huge concentration of lymph channels lay right over our heart center. Our lymph channels are these internal rivers that carry nutrients where they need to go, move our emotions, and clear out that which does not serve our body’s health. Our lymphatic system is our Immune system. Our lymph rivers like to be in FLOW. 

We hold all of this stagnation, heartbreak, unexpressed emotions and unspoken words in the channels of our breasts, in our dammed, dry and inflamed lymph rivers. Often resulting in pain & tenderness, cysts, emotional stagnation & confusion, holding back truths and blocked throat/voice, trying to get love/attention/ worthiness/validation outside of ourselves, over-consumption & relational dysfunction, and inability to ( ( ( E X P R E S S ) ) ) and ( ( ( R E C E I V E ) ) ) love.

Re-claiming, and nourishing our chests is ( ( ( V I T A L ) ) ). This breast tending is not just a nice sensual indulgence ~ it is vitally important to the health & strength of our hearts. It frees up our emotional energy, awakens our intuitive guidance, connects us to our compass of love, and strengthens our courage to walk embodied in our truth. This is so we can play our role in creating a beautiful thriving planet that will support future generations. So we can live from love. 

There is strength and intelligence in a river that is in ( ( ( F L O W ) ) ). Just like the rivers of our earth, the lymph rivers of our chest and body like to move in a clear, unobstructed flow. Our emotions moving through these waters like to be in ~ motion. Nutrients flow where they are needed, toxins are cleared out, and we are free to follow the guidance of truth and love. Water in its flowing ecstatic form is ( ( ( L O V E ) ) ).

After most of the breast sessions I offer ~ which are lymphatic breast/chest massages & tending to all that is stored in the heart ~ people say they feel ‘lighter’ in their chests, they feel more alive and open and ( ( ( C O N N E C T E D ) ) ). Like a breast of fresh air! In these sessions we tend to these internal rivers and emotions ~ we break down the damns, soften & release the congested and stuck, clear out the clutter, and redirect more flow & love to the dried out riverbeds, to the most tender and neglected places. 

We create more ( ( S P A C E ) )  more ( ( F L O W ) ) and more ( ( C L A R I T Y ) ) We tend to these places and to all that keeps us from being embodied in our radiance.

We are small earths

The whales keep reminding me ~ WE ARE SMALL EARTHS. All that is happening to the earth is happening within our bodies. All that is happening to the waters of this planet is happening to the waters of our bodies. 

We have the opportunity to tend to these internal rivers and emotions, especially in the power center of our hearts, so we can courageously express the deepest LOVE we are capable of. The Earth needs us to be open and connected in our hearts. Here we find the courage to stand for the honoring and re-generation of our Mother Earth and all of her creatures, to fully express our creative gifts, and to live in the truth of our soul’s purpose for why we came here at this time. 

The HEART is a ( ( ( PORTAL ) ) ) to the WOMB, a portal to our deeper embodiment, and our rooting into the womb of this great Mother Earth. An open and clear heart is needed to access the depths of nourishment and connection that is available to us, the depths of ancient-future remembering that is calling us awake and into reciprocal honoring relationship with all of creation. We must root into Pachamama with our awakened heart LOVE to activate the strength and courage, the tenderness and compassion that is needed to create meaningful change!

May everything we create come from a place of embodied LOVE <3

~ Abigail Hinds

September 10, 2019

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