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The Womb & Heart ~ An Embodied Conversation

I give deep gratitude and celebration to one of my teachers ~ Stefana Serafina ✨ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Stefana is an incredible being. Her presence alone is a potent transmission of one who is dancing alive and awake within the great mystery of life. Her own embodiment is part of the real magic that is able to unfold within the containers she creates ~ through the look in her eyes, the raw expressive movements and sounds she makes and the deep presence with which she flows ~ you can sense that she has journeyed deep within ~ that she has extensively explored the rich inner landscape of her own body and being and weaves it within the fabric of life all around her. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Stefana leads embodiment circles working working with her Intuitive Body & Dance and Deep Body models, birthed from her own genius and studies in these realms. She poetically and masterfully guides people into the richness and depth of their own inner deep body landscapes. People, including myself, regularly experience powerful self-discovery, transformation, and awakening. The embodiment of her own deep journey work creates a container of permission for others to enter those places within themselves and opens possibility of re-connection and inhabiting our bodies at the most foundational and expansive levels. (You can find her at ~ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Coming to her classes a few years ago was such a relief for me. My soul took a BIG exhale. It was like my body was coming home to an ancient remembering. A wild becoming. Permission to be truly free and raw and deep. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This came right after I had a ‘break up’ with yoga after I had been practicing for many years, as I realized it was created by young men with straight hips and was masculine oriented including a lot of telling the body what to do, what proper angle to be in, aligning in lots of linear & square angles.

*I must include that I deeply honor Yoga and its lineage and practices! I acknowledge that the true essence and teachings is not just masculine and mind-over body, it’s just what a lot of yoga taught in the US can look like. I have since ‘made up’ with yoga and re-entered into relationship from a different place. At the time my wild soul simply needed something else ;) *

I yearned for the wildness of my feminine to have expression. I yearned for my body to speak in her circles and spirals and unexplainable motions that certainly did not come from my mind. I wanted to access deep womb space in my body. I wanted to let my body be free to speak from the inside.

The magic of stefana’s classes is truly beyond what I can put into words. That’s kind of the point actually ~ its beyond the mind and our usual cognitive interpretation of things ~ it goes into the realms of the Deep Body as Stefana calls it. In these movement and embodiment journeys I have touched places inside of myself deeply yearning to be felt. I have shifted long-standing stuck patterns in my body. I have come to know the inner truths of my being more intimately. All this and much much more has allowed me to walk more freely in my body ~ in my natural expression to move through life in more presence and deeply felt connection. And it has increased my desire and motivation to keep returning to my body as a wellspring of wisdom and guidance, as my home.

Now a few years later I have the great blessing of being part of Stefana’s first round of training facilitators to share these potent tools ~ we are her Embodied Ambassadors! She has been sharing the inner-workings of her craft and genius, passing on tools and language and guidance to share our own flavor of genius within our communities and the collective. Our final project for the training is to put this into practice and this is the upcoming offering I have crafted: The Womb & Heart ~ An Embodied Conversation.

I will be offering this ceremonial embodiment journey twice ~ ~ ~

February 7 in Las Vegas at a private Home~ also a FULL MOON circle February 15 at Athena Rising in Livermore, CA

Link to events and more details on my events page ~ ~ ~

It feels like a huge integration for me ~ weaving together multiple threads of my work and passions over the past few years. I am really excited to share more of this kind of deep embodiment work with others as it has been a profound practice of liberation for me. This brings a lot of theory HOME into the BODY ~ allowing the teachings of the WOMB and HEART to awaken within the intelligence of each person’s unique being. This is the work I support folks with in the breast & womb healing I offer. And this specific container is another level of supporting others to create their own connection to these sacred spaces. As I feel with the WOMB and HEART it is so important to develop our own unique connection to these centers ~ to tune into what is truly going on inside rather than just reading about it or having someone else tell us what’s happening.

Embodiment isn’t some place of arrival ~ its a practice, a continual willingness to show up to connect and listen and move with what is present. A willingness to go within and confront our layers of numbness, pain, ecstasy, longing ~ whatever is there below the surface that we are used to skipping over or ignoring. Learning to listen and approach with curiosity and love.

Deep gratitude to you Stefana for following the wild call of your embodied soul, for following your genius and for sharing it with me and so many others. My prayer is that this offering creates a space for others to delve into the depths of their beings ~ to feel and attune and awaken to their body’s wisdom and experience more freedom and connection to their authentic selves.

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