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~ Rainbow Blessings ~

Wishing rainbow blessings on all of humanity right now.

Colonization, technocratic mechanization, militarization, trans-humanism - they seek to destroy the rainbow weavings of culture and spirit.

The vibrant expressive medicine of song and dance. The ancient transmission of indigenous earth language. The power of spirit infused prayer. The joyful beauty of cloth and bowls and homes made by prayerful hands, made in resonance with the colors of the earth.

The full spectrum of our emotion and depth. The expansive capacity of our hearts. Our full bellied laughter. Our deep wailing grief.

All of these threaten the machine of death.

They have been running a campaign against these rainbow threads for a long long time. A campaign to blanket any and all rainbows and rainbow beings in a dull grey of conformity and mediocracy.

Even the category “white” and its insidious implications, was created to detach people from the rainbow roots of their culture and ancestry that was still vibrant in spirit and the ways of the earth. To lump them all into a singular color, neutral and bland. For people to become lost and boring, and forget about their lineage of love.

When we forget our rainbow roots, our spirits diminish and erode.

It takes great courage to continue to weave our rainbow threads in this current climate, and especially, when they have been hunted for so long. Our vibrant spirit, our earthly embodiment - these are some of the most important things we could fight for right now.

Follow the rainbow threads. Weave them back into the tapestry of your life. You are not alone.

It’s time to weave the multi-colored threads of our well and wise ancestry back into this world.

In rainbow love <3

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