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~ Whale Womb Weaving ~

The birthing of my womb collaborations with the Whales 💙🐋✨

When I first began connecting with the whales, they told me to sing into the wombs.

At first I didn’t really get this. I was immersed in a lot of womb healing at the time so it kind of resonated, though I couldn’t yet see what they meant.

A year later, I was on the Big Island of Hawaii. I had a life changing experience of swimming with a large pod of dolphins. I received a powerful initiation from them as I felt embraced by their pod. It anchored a deep remembering of the cetaceans as my family 🐬💙🐋

Their activation helped me cross a powerful threshold in my life, opening myself more to my channeling and psychic abilities. While still on island, the whales spoke to me through the rains and in the spirit realms.

When I returned to California I felt ready to share the whales' songs with others and bring through their energies. As I was guided, I let their frequency transmissions move through me in group spaces.

It was a wild awakening experience for me and others! Wombed ones began telling me about powerful womb activations they were experiencing.

For one friend, it helped bring on their bleeding after having issues for a long while. For some sisters it would help ease their cramps and bring soothing ocean energy to balance their womb space. Some would experience big blockages being cleared. And for others, it awakened ancient memories of their own soul connection to the cetaceans.

Through this reflective feedback and my own deep relationship with the whales, I began to really trust their magical womb workings and learn a lot from them.

The whales are womb tenders. They are frequency activators. They are water benders. They LOVE working with the womb space, as do I :)

One of the reasons the whales began connecting with me years ago, is to collaborate on womb healings. They proposed we combine our womb medicine to help activate the temple spaces 💎

After years of deepening in relationship with the whales, and learning alongside them, Whale Womb Weaving was birthed. This name encompasses my entire business and all of my offerings in incredible detail and expanse. It is also a very special collaboration between me and the whales to offer unique whale womb healing experiences.

These sessions are intended to support the activation of your womb space as a SANCTUARY that is nourishing and enlivening to all you are birthing into creation.

These sessions are a guided journey into a sacred space within your womb center.

We travel here to LISTEN and receive direct guidance and gnosis from your womb.

We go here to clear any frequencies or energies that are not serving your highest expression anymore. This could look like cord removal from past lovers, clearing ancestral imprints, resolving past life traumas.

And we seed the prayers and energies that you want to see grow and blossom.

Temple Tending as I like to call it.

Just like our home temple spaces need clearing and tending, so do our womb temple spaces.

These sessions are intended to uplift the womb space into a sanctuary that is supportive of all you are creating.

Your womb vibrating in alignment with the prayers you are weaving.

Uplifting the womb space into a SANCTUARY that is radiant and supportive of all you are creating in your life.


In these sessions the whales offer their healing medicine and support your process. I channel their songs for a vibrational transmission & activation specifically for you & your womb.

They work their magic in all different ways ~ moving the waters of your temple, clearing stagnation & blockages, activating soul level remembering of your magic and power.

All with deep love and massive support. They're like, WE GOT YOU.

Often they will also bring through specific focused guidance for someone’s womb path and life.

If you would like to learn more or book a session you can check out this page ~

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