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~ Sensual Soul Embodiment ~

A 5 week group journey to

awaken your feminine navigational system


Sensual Soul Embodiment is an offering intended to connect you with the feminine intelligence of your body & soul.

To bring you into more sensual aliveness with life.

Into more juicy and fulfilling experience. 

That juicy womb feeling of experiencing the pulsing beat of mother earth inside of you.

Knowing that you are ancient and hold the codes of life within. That you are home on this earth.

That kind of heart radiance where you feel expanded and inspired to give and share your creations and magic with the world. 

The trusting your inner voice to guide you into more magic and beauty

than your mind could ever come up with on it’s own. 

Our wild sensual connection to life is our birthright. 

It is our most trusted and powerful navigational system. 

More than ever we are being asked to remember and create another way

to live and move on this planet that is beyond the mind.

To weave ourself back into connection with the web of life.

Inhabiting our bodies, our life-giving centers of creation

Is essential. 


Yea, that sounds great! But how do I actually do that? 


You may hear a lot about 

“Living form your womb” or “living from an open heart”


Maybe you’ve even taken courses on this, or read books, or seen millions of instagram posts. 


Yet it still seems like an elusive concept. 

You still don’t experience the actual lived embodiment of this.  


It’s so easy in today’s world to feed the mind with a lot of information and think that we are getting somewhere.

And to rely on the intelligence of the mind as our main source of guidance. 


I have a ton of knowledge. I know a lot of stuff.

Though me simply sharing all I “know” is most likely not going to activate YOUR inner knowing. 


Knowledge is great!

Though we need to take the teachings deeper than our minds to actually see results. 


This offering is about EMBODIED wisdom.


Taking the teachings into the landscape of our own bodies. To discover what is true for us.

How the practices and teachings want to live in our unique vessels and realities. 


The feminine centers of our body contain vast and deep intelligence. 


The kind of intelligence that is way beyond mind’s boxes of control and order.

The kind of intelligence that we so greatly need to guide us into this next phase of humanity’s journey on earth. 


This journey is about tapping into this inner feminine intelligence.

Turning it ON and the volume way UP. 



~ The inner well of feminine intelligence ~


Our wombs, our hearts, our intuition. 

These are gateways in our body that connect us 

with the pulsing aliveness of creation

With the juicy, magical and highly intelligent realms of our femininity


We feel, sense and attune through these feminine centers.


We take in and process the world around us through these centers. 


The juicy aliveness of our creations originates in these centers.


It is vital we are connected to this inner feminine navigational system

if we want to live a life of true connection and authenticity.

If we want to live a life of SOUL.  True ALIVENESS.

We didn’t come to this planet to simply follow orders from someone else and work a lame 9-5 job 


Your inner feminine intelligence is the best guide you have toward true satisfaction, purpose and magic.


This journey offers support on levels of mind-body-soul so this ancient wisdom and inspiration

can sink in and become your own inner compass of empowered self knowing & navigation. 

~ knowledge share as food for the mind

~ embodiment journey to bring the concepts into the body 

~ self touch & embodiment practices to further anchor the concepts home to your body & life

~ meditation, ritual & journey work to integrate on the psychic soul levels


Through more fully inhabiting these feminine centers, 

we experience more of this juicy and magical intelligence 

Like a well of wisdom pouring into our lives 

And all we create. 


♡ Guided Embodiment Journey 


♡ Knowledge Share &

Practice for Continued Embodiment

♡ Personal Sharing

~ you also receive ~ 

♡ Weekly Dance Playlist 

♡ Guided Meditations 


♡ Private facebook group to connect with each other throughout the journey, share, and

ask me questions anytime.

Each week’s session will be recorded and sent out the next day with any resources and meditations. So you can tune in live or simply watch the replay.

Art by BK The Artist

~ Guided Intuitive Dance Journey ~

Each call we engage in a guided intuitive dance flow for about 44 minutes.

This brings all the teachings home to the body. 

To your unique body.

We all love information. We have been conditioned to be up in our heads. 

Collecting more information is not embodiment. 

We don't see the results of what we are learning

until we embody it. 

That's when it actually makes a noticeable difference in our life.

This  is an opportunity to connect with your feminine centers through direct embodied experience. 

Not just me telling you about your womb, but you actually feeling your womb and seeing what is true and alive for you.

Moving beyond patterns of domestication of how the body ‘should’ move, or is conditioned to move, into more authentic and free expression.

This kind of embodiment journey allows the wisdom of our bodies to speak with us.

And to get our FLOW turned on! 

In these journeys you may,

~ move through pain & stagnation

~ let go of that which is no longer yours to carry.  

~ access forgotten places and reclaim pieces of ourselves back into wholeness

~ free up energy to direct towards your what you actually love and want to create in your life 

~ renew your personal relationship with these areas.


This is based on my deep studies with Stefana Serafina

I will be utilizing her models of the Deep Body & Intuitive Body & Dance specifically focusing on these centers of the womb, cervix, heart and intuition. 

Working with a combination of ~

♡ Energy Medicine 


♡ Deep body Intuitive Dance & Movement 


♡ Ancient Feminine Wisdom Teachings

♡ Ayurvedic Wisdom & Self Care Practices 


♡ Priestess Ritual Temple Tending 

♡ Water Medicine & Magic 

♡ Earth Connection 


Art by Isabel Mariposa Galactica


~ Week 1 ~

Waters of the Womb 

Wild Water Medicine & Magic

Whale Womb Healing  Journey 


~ Week 2 ~

Anchoring the Pelvis

Rooting through the Cervix 

Self Womb Massage


~ Week 3 ~ 

Awakening the Radiant Heart

Transmutational Fire Ritual

      for Heart & Breast Healing

Inner Smile 


BONUS~  90 min Webinar ~

Heart Centered Resilliency 

Cultivating a Strong Immune System      & Radiant Heart Power


~ Week 4 ~ 

Attuning to Intuition 

Anchoring Your Soul Essence 

Opening the Inner Eye Through the Senses to Perceive Beyond the Veils 


~ Week 5 ~ 


 The Vegas Nerve Connection

Lotus Mermaid Codes  

~ Week by Week ~ 

Week one ~ Waters of the Womb ​

This first week is about tapping into our natural womb flow and tending to the waters of our bodies. The Humpback Whales guide us on a journey of deep womb healing ~ accessing, cleansing and upgrading the crystalline waters of our womb temples. Supportive practices for 

nourishing and re-wilding the living waters of your body.

Week Two ~ Anchoring the Pelvis

Week two we delve into the theme of feeling home in our bodies & on this earth. Rooting our pelvis to find deeper support, trust and safety. The practical practice that supports this is anchoring through the cervix into Pachamama and touching ourselves through massaging out wombs & bellies. 

Week Three ~ Awakening the Radiant Heart 

This week is about clearing anything that dims the natural radiance of the heart fire. Accessing the incredible power of our human LOVE to fuel all we give to the world. Personal practice is a potent heart clearing ritual utilizing the transmutative power of fire, compassion and forgiveness. Ritual breast tending & worship as a way to amplify our heart's powers and keep our chests clear & flowing.

*Bonus Ayurvedic Lymphatic wisdom & self-care tools for

breast massage & strong immunity.*

Week Four ~ Attuning to Intuition 

This week is about connecting to our beyond physical senses, our inner eye. Delving into the psychic and intuitive realms we explore this in the body, strengthening our connection to our body's innate knowing and guidance. Where new space has been cleared and opened within, we will fill ourselves with our own soul essence. Practices to call on this essence and ALSO to anchor this essence, which is really important for us to stay embodied in this way. Awakening the eyes and feelers of all our senses as a way to receive guidance from beyond the veils. Opening the body channels so our intuition can actually flow and guide. 

Week 5 ~ Integration

Week 5 is about all of these feminine powerhouse centers in conversation with each other. These places can often be disconnected, isolated, or even in conflict with each other. We delve into how they interact and engage, and create stronger pathways of communication between them.

We actually have a physical cord of connection between them all called the vegas nerve, which we will be connecting to.

Lotus Mermaid codes offer wisdom & guidance for this weaving. On this full moon lunar eclipse we will set our clear prayers and intentions into the universe for the months to come. 

~ Dates ~ 

~ Exchange ~ 

We meet 5 Fridays @ 4-5:30pm PST 

May 15, 22, 29 and June 5 & 12

One of our classes is on the full moon Lunar eclipse! 

We will witness each other in our intentions as we celebrate this potent portal time together.

Coming out of this journey as more deeply embodied, sensually awakened and soulfully expressive beings. Ready to set our clear prayers into the universe for the months to come. 

$222 for the whole journey 

or 2 payments of $111

$444 for the journey plus 

3 personal sessions with me

or 2 payments of $222

or 4 payments of $111


I am open to payment plans. Let's work it out. 


You can also add a personal session with me on at any time during the journey for sliding scale $55 ~ 140 If you would like more personal support and deeper journeying

This experience is about creating more ( ( ( F L O W ) ) ) and freedom in our body,

in our emotions, and in our soul’s expression.


This offering is designed to support your ( ( ( F E R T I L I T Y ) ) ) 

The juicy pulsing vitality of your feminine centers. 

Breasts that are alive, attuned and offering their loving nourishment to the world. 

Wombs that are rooted in the earth, birthing in truth and care for all life. 


This offering is about ( ( ( S O U L ~  E M B O D I M E N T ) ) )  

Clear connection to your inner navigational system. 

Attunement to the deeper wisdom of soul that speaks through your body .

Re-wilding our bodies to flow and pulse with more sensual aliveness

If you feel a resonant YES in your body, I would love to have you join us!


You can send in your donation through paypal ~

or Venmo ~ @AbigailHinds

Then send me an email with the title 'Sensual Soul Embodiment' sharing your name & payment. I will send out the welcome email on Sunday May 10 with more details about the course and how to prepare.

I am also available to connect if you have any questions or would like to speak more about this.  Please reach out.

A 5 week journey

Sensual Soul Embodiment

Fertility ~ Flow ~ Soul Embodiment

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