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A 3 month group journey to deepen our walk & allyship with the animals

Next Round TBD

Please reach out through email if you feel drawn to be part of this group journey

There are so many ways we walk with the animals. 


As beloved pets and companions. 


As spirit guides & messengers. 


Within the hides of our drums, rattles and sheepskins. 


As the meat and sustenance we eat from their bodies. 


The walk between humans and animals is ancient. 


Yet much of our modern culture has been disconnected from

this intimate relating. 


Largely, the bonds of reverence and reciprocity have

been broken and eradicated.


And we are living within the devastating effects of this

fractured way of relating.

It is time we remember our rainbow roots of connection

to the animal realms. 


And re-weave ourselves into sacred relationship with them.

Into sacred relationship with the web of life around us. 

~ ~ ~ 

At the core, this course is touching on many different facets

of how to be in heart-centered and integrous relationship

with the animals around us. 


To ENLIVEN these relationships so we can walk together once again. 🐆❤️🐆


The animals are calling us to remember our living, breathing,

heart-pulsing connection to them. 


Do you hear their call?

~ Call 1 ~
Walking with Animal Kin

Remembering Our Rainbow Roots of Connection to the Animal Realms 

🌿 Opening, cultivating and tending sacred relationship 

          walking in honor and reciprocity

🌿 Recognizing Spirit: Indigenous - Ancestral - Ancient                  Remembering and Reweaving 

🌿 Practices to invite the animals close to you, and                       deepen your walk with them

🌿 Animal Initiations 


🌿 This call we will orient to our group container, and  introduce ourselves & our intentions. 

🌿 We will close with an Oracular Whale Channeling 🐋

for the group. Calling on their guidance and wisdom to support our journey together.


~ Call 2 ~ 
Messages from beyond the Veil

Opening the Channels of Psychic Perception

  Animal Realm Communication

Cultivating intuition and extrasensory perception, getting to know your unique pathways of communication

Tools for opening & attuning our psychic channels to be able to hear and receive more

Somatic orientation to receive and attune 

Setting up safe & sacred space for spirit realm communication 

Pets vs. Wild Animal Communication 

Boundaries and discernment

~ Call 3 ~ 
Where Spirit Meets Bone

Navigating our relationship to Animal Death 

 🌬 Honoring animal death through ritual and                     ceremony 

🌬 Hunting and killing animals for food


🌬 Processing an animal’s body in reverence & attunement to their spirit 

🌬 Feathers, bones, furs and hides: communing with the spirit of animals through their remains.


 🌬 Practical & spiritual ways to care for & preserve animal remains


~ Call 4 ~ 
Weaving Magic & Medicine with your Animal Allies 

Collaborating with the animals for healing, blessing, and activism

💧 Carrying the medicine of the animals into                    your offerings 

💧 Collaborating with your animal allies for                     personal and collective healing 

💧 Weaving ritual with the animals 

💧 Channeling animal medicine through song              and sound 

💧 Feather Magic & the Winged Ones 


💧 Animal medicine tools (like drums & rattles)

🐋 Group Gratitude Ritual, and possibly a closing channeling with the Whales

~ Structure & Dates ~ 

4 Live Group Calls 

Each with a Teaching Transmission, space for individual sharing, and questions 

Call dates announced sometime in the summer ~ ~ ~ 

All calls will be recorded with the replay available by the next day on our course page. Though it is highly encouraged to come to the calls live! As this is the time when our group can be together and share more personally. 

Group Telegram Chat 

A place for us to stay in connected throughout the journey. A space to share parts of our animal journey, insights and experiences with each other. 

Online Portal / Webpage 

Where I will be posting call recordings, guest speaker calls, and any additional educational videos / resources.

Bonus Videos & Content

3 Personal Sessions 

Individual support & guidance for your journey

1 ~ Spiritual Bath (1 hour) 

1 ~ Animal Medicine Session (90 min) 

1 ~ Whale Divination in small Pod of 2-3 

These sessions will be scheduled individually during each month of our time together. 

Additional sessions may also be added throughout the course at a discounted rate of $100 / hour. 

Guest Speaker Calls! 

I am delighted to share that throughout the journey together, we will be having Guest Speaker Interviews! This will be a chance to hear from other people who are immersed in the wisdom realms of animal medicine & communication. 

These calls will be about 1 hour interviews, scheduled separately and recorded. There will be the opportunity to attned live and ask questions, or to listen to the recording at your own pace. 

These will be announced on a rolling basis throughout the course :) 
There will be bonus recorded videos throughout the course that you will be able to access on our course page. These will include teachings from different animals, animal medicine stories, and practical tools to integrate. 

~ Investment ~ 


4 monthly payments


Pay in Full


8 bi-weekly payments


2 payments

***I have a some scholarship spaces available. Please reach out if you feel very called to join, but are not able to give the full financial exchange.***

Would you like to join us?

You can sign up here :)

Have any questions? 

I'm happy to hop on a 20 min call to answer questions and see if this journey is aligned for you

Send me an email @

to schedule a call

~ Your guide, Abigail ~ 


This course is guided by the animals and ancestors

calling us to remember our living, breathing,

heart-pulsing connection to them,

and to all of life ♡

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