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Whale Womb Water Activation

A ceremonial journey to anchor, celebrate, and expand the life-giving powers of our wombs.

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This is a live ceremonial journey to anchor, celebrate

and expand the life-giving powers of our womb. 


The Humpback Whales will be our loving guides ~

taking us on a journey into the depths of our wombs. 


They offer us a healing frequency transmission to

activate and structure the waters of our wombs.

Clearing out that which is not ours to carry, and calling in

the crystalline codes of our life-giving essence. 


The whales are really excited to guide us in this journey! Full on doing backflips out of the water excited. They want to support us in rebirthing ourselves during this springtime awakening. And to prepare the waters of our wombs for the months to come. 


They will be working with each of us uniquely and individually. I will also share with the group if there is any translation of the transmission they bring through. 

To prepare for the journey I invite you to be in a sacred space where you feel comfortable, connected and will be undisturbed. Whatever you like to do to enter into ceremonial space ~ maybe you have an alter you can sit at, or a candle to light. Or maybe you feel called to lie on your bed. Follow your intuition for what you need. We will be journeying into our womb space and receiving whale transmissions that may take us to an altered state of consciousness. 

I invite you to bring a glass of water with you as it will be blessed by the whales and our journey and will be medicine to drink afterwards! 

You may also want to have a journal to record anything that came through after the journey.

I am also available for personal 1-1 Whale Womb Healing Sessions. Please reach out by email if you are interested. You can check out my page for more info about these sessions.  

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