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~ Sensual Soul Embodiment ~

1-1 mentorship journey

Daughter of the Earth, Sister of the Stars, 

I feel you. 


I am praying with you. 


Praying for the freedom to sing our heart’s most precious songs


Praying for the most exquisite vision seeds within our wombs.

That they receive the nourishment they need to bloom. 


Praying for us to birth, breathe, and dance in the sensual delight of true aliveness. 


Praying for our children to walk free among the wild forests, waters and animals. 

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I see the magic you carry. Even when it’s buried under dusty layers of ancestral forgetting. Or hidden behind masks of unworthiness and shame.  


I feel your longing to disentangle yourself from the feminine misery programs you inherited. The ones that tell you to hate your body. The doubting voices that judge you harshly. 


Those sneaky beliefs that trick you into thinking you are never good enough. That you may never be ENOUGH of anything. 

But your essence is precious. A unique droplet, with its own multi-faceted spectrum of beauty and medicine to offer.


I am here to help you uncover this medicine that you carry within. 


The soulful medicine of your lineage. That lives within the very spirals of your dna. That lives within the medicine basket of your womb.

That is alive in the song of your soul. 


I am here to support you to reclaim the wild terrain of your body as a sensually enlivened woman. To remember that your vessel is a powerful portal that can literally birth things into existence

in this realm. 

I know you have tasted this medicine. Tasted the magic and power that lives within you. And that your soul longs to embody this more fully. To weave with beauty and magic of your essence. The walk in connection to the wise and ancient medicine of your lineage. 


This is an offering to support you in coming home

to this place of Soul and Soma.

To Body and Earth, Spirit and Star. 


A sanctuary space to hold you in this tender unfolding. 


As you create your own sanctuary within.

And this is what Mother Earth is calling us to at this time.

To birth a new and ancient way from the portal of our wombs.

To birth in deep connection to the organic womb of the Mother,

and the magic of our own soul. 


Not from the templates of distortion we have

been handed. 


This new earth is being born through us…. 


Do you feel the call?

~ Areas of Support & Specialty ~ 


✨ The WOMB ~ cultivating a juicy, fertile, rooted connection to this center of creation 


✨ Womb Clearing & Healing 

✨ Breast Health & Heart Tending 


✨ Deep Body Movement & Dance / Somatic Intelligence


✨Authentic Sensual & Erotic Embodiment 

✨ Genuine Loving & Nourishing Relationship with Self 

✨ Re-wilding your Feminine Nature 

✨ Connecting with the Magic of your Womb Cycles 


✨ Menstruation Medicine


✨ Ritual Release & Integration of Abortion & Miscarriage

✨ Conscious Conception: preparing heart, womb and spirit for healthy pregnancy & birth 

✨ Retrieving Ancestral Ways and Medicine from your Lineage

✨ Healing realtionship to Mother / Father / God

✨ Opening the Psychic Channels 


✨ Strengthening the Compass of Intuition 

✨ Sound Medicine ~ Singing From Your Soul

✨ Weaving Creativity & Beauty into your Life 

✨ Energy Medicine / Energetic Hygiene 


✨ Channeling & Spirit Realm Communication 

In integrity and safety


✨Animal Medicine / Animal Guides 

✨ Flower & Herbal Medicine 

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~ Each Month ~

   🌷   3 ~ 1 to 2 hour sessions over Zoom 


   🌷   Private telegram chat for additional texting support 

   🌷   60% off any of my courses running during our time together    

           (Sensual Soul Embodiment Group journey & Blessed Breasts 

            this Spring)

   🌷  Additional resources such as video transmissions and guided                     meditations 

   🌷  Extra gifts such as customized womb steam blend & flower                         essences 

~ 3, 6 or 9 month journeys ~

~ Pay in Full ~ 

$1,200 ~ 3 months 

$2,400 ~ 6 months 

$3,600 ~ 9 months 

~ Payment Plan ~

$444 / month 



$228 / bi-weekly 

~ Sessions ~

This is a container for a soul & soma~ level transformational journey.

And there are many facets of our life and being that may

get worked as we go through this kind of initiation.

My approach is multi-faceted and diverse, as this is what I 

have found is needed to support all parts of our selves. 

There will be plenty of spaciousness and sanctuary

for what is alive in YOU to come through. 

We will move SLOWLY with deep presence and care.


A session may look like a somatic exploration ~ me gently guiding you to connect to the sensations in the deeper layers of your body. Letting the intelligence of your soma speak. Uncovering the wisdom of the body.  


A session could be more educational in nature ~ sharing about how your lymphatic system flows and recommending Ayurvedic Self care tools that are balancing for you. Or speaking practically about diet and nutrition. 


A session could be a ritual / ceremonial experience. Perhaps an Oracular Womb Healing with the Whales. Perhaps a guided journey to release a past lover from your womb space. 


A session could be working more in the psychic realms, connecting to your spirit guides and wise ancestors. Or attuning to layers of energetic hygiene to support more clarity and cohesion in your field. 

~ Medicine I Weave with ~ 

~ Intuitive Somatic Exploration 

~ Guided Inner Journeying 


~ The Whales, Whale Womb Space 


~ Mermaid Magic & Water Priestess Arts 


~ Venusian Temple Arts / Sensual Awakening 


~ Sound & Song Medicine 


~ Psychic Attunement 


~ Energetic Hygiene / Energy Medicine  


~ Nature Connection & Re-wilding with the Earth 


~ Ayurvedic Elemental Medicine


~ Animal Allies / Winged Ones 


~ Plant and Flower Allies

~ Earth Based Ritual 

~ Devotion to God


Do you feel called to this container? 

If so, then fill out the
application form below



I would love to hear more about you, and see if this would be a good fit

to journey together! 

~ Application ~

Thank you for sharing!

You will hear back from me within 3 days.

Have questions? 

Want to connect? 


~ Feel free to schedule a 20 min call ~

Email ~

I am happy to answer any

questions and see if we are

a good fit to journey


~ Your guide Abigail ~ 

My awakening journey began with my womb. Following a traumatic abortion and disenchantment with the modern medical system, I began seeking alternative medicine and a path of healing. In my early exploration, I learned about the phases of my womb cycle and natural fertility tracking. This opened me to a whole realm of feminine wisdom that I had never even heard of before. I began to tune into the power and mysteries of the womb. 


I continued to follow this path of the womb; retrieving ancient medicine from healing lineages that were for the feminine body and soul. Powerful medicine that had been mostly forgotten, burned, buried, and certainly left out of my previous education. 


Leaving the mainstream models of “success” and normativity I was handed, I chose again and again to follow the wild call of my heart and womb.

This lead me on a decade-long intensive healing journey. Facing many facets of disempowerment and disconnection that had been passed down in my lineage for generations. 


Ultimately, leading me back home to a grounded connection with the Mother, my earthen body, and the magical roots of my lineage. 


It has been a deep and slow journey. And it was a rough and rocking road at times. I have walked a radical path of soul embodiment.


A huge part of my journey has been healing distortions in my sexual energy, and abusive dysfunctional templates of relating. To reclaim the sovereignty of my womb power, my authentic essence, and my innocent sensual nature. 


I have cleared and healed layer upon layer of these infiltrations that were passed down through my lineage and programmed in through mainstream modern culture. Many chapters have been incredibly painful and I would not have made it through without the many guides who have supported my path ~ in human, animal, elemental, and spirit form. 


This journey has not just been about healing and clearing. It has also awakened parts of my soul that were dormant. Literally unfurling sleeping spirals of DNA encoded with ancient magic.


Discovering gifts from my lineage, and embodying facets of my medicine beyond what my wildest dreams could have imagined to be possible. 


Of course, I am not perfect or fully healed. I am still learning and growing, navigating this wild ride on planet earth, just like the rest of us.


But I do know how to sing the song of my soul.


I walk with my guides and wise ancestors by my side.


I can genuinely say that I love myself and am comfortable in my sensual body and wild nature. And I stand rooted in the medicine of my lineage and the Earth ~ Star ~ Soul from which I come. 


I have tended to the heart, womb and soul of hundreds of women. Through offering Breast Massage, Whale Womb Healing, Guided Feminine Embodiment Journeys, and Spiritual / Psychic / Energetic Healing.


These women find sanctuary in the space I am able to hold ~ that tends to both the body and the spirit. The magical and tender place of transformation ~ where the mystical meets the physical, soma meets spirit.

This mentorship is a deep offering up from my soul. Emerging from a natural ripeness and readiness within my being to hold this sacred space for

a few women who are called.


This is the rainbow medicine bundle of my life’s work thus far and intensive decade long healing journey.


Offered in service to the womb of life.

To the womb of the great Mother’s dragon dreaming.


With the prayer that our wombs may be free, singing and birthing the harmonic symphonies of creation. Sha!

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