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Whale Sound Medicine Journey
Vocal Activation 
Water Blessing

Weaving with the whales and the waters throughout our journey,
a core intention for this space is to
connect to the sacred prayers of our hearts
and sing these songs as offerings to the holy waters.

To heartchitect a sonic field of love and truth and blessing
that ripples out into the collective.

We also gather to listen deeply to the wisdom whispers
and bellowing wails that will be transmitted and received
from the primordial sound fields of the whales
and the crystalline coding of the waters.

Bringing this sacred connection and stewardship
deeper into our lives.
~ Our Flow ~

Gathering together in sacred space, we will create an alter offering of beauty and medicine, gifts and gratitudes, to the whales and the waters.


I will guide us on an oceanic sound medicine journey with the whale songs, bringing through the voice and frequency of the whale tribes. 


These whale songs have been known to move tides of tears within, awaken ancient soul memories, and bridge a connection to the otherworldly realm of the whales.


From this place of deep connection, we will all open our voices to sing the tones and sounds of our hearts prayers together. A guided journey to bring through the medicine tones of your own voice and connect to the power of your sounds. 

There is no pressure to sing or sound in the group if you do not feel to. There will just be space created and the guidance to open to sound if it calls to you!


We will complete with a water blessing, where each person has the opportunity to share a blessing to the waters. These waters will be offered back to the lands and oceans after our circle. Medicine of the Eagret will also bless us to each receive droplets of the water we have been praying with. 

~ Dates & Registration ~

✨ May 28 ~ 6-9pm ~ Nalu Kava, Portland ✨

with special guest Josh Manfredi

✨ June ~ Astoria, OR ✨

exact date coming soon

$44 - $88 

Sliding Scale Exchange 

~ To Register ~

with subject "Whale Songs"

share which location / date
and about your connection to the whales! 
I will reply with payment info and more details

~ Whale Womb Space ~ 

I call it Whale Womb Space

 the frequency taurus field of the whales

ancient womb consciousness

deep oceanic embrace

of the grandmothers weaving

in slow flowing movements

and primordial sound spheres

The high beam star light sounds of crystalline ancestors. 

The deep bellowing wails from the depths of the seas. 


Full spectrum rainbow medicine of ancient soul remembering. 


The whales are womb tenders.

They are water benders. 

They help to clear blockages and move stuck places.

They open up more FLOW in a gentle yet powerful way.

They support soul ~ level remembering of our magic. 

What it truly means to be alive at this time. 

 Activation of why we came here.

And the courage to sing the songs of our soul. 


All within the embrace of their gigantic whale hearts. 

All in service to the original harmonic songs of creation.


Your Facilitator ~ Abiwhale 


Abigail / Abiwhale is a voice of the Whales. She channels their otherworldly sounds of the sea, alongside mermaid melodies, and other soulful medicine music. These whale songs have been known to move tides of tears within, awaken ancient soul memories, and bridge a connection to the oceanic realm of the whales. Abigail collaborates with the spirt of the whales for sound medicine journeys, and 1-1 womb healing and divination sessions.


Abigail has been journeying deeply with the whales for 6 years now. Her gifts for whale communication and song were activated after an epic swim with the wild dolphins of Hawa'ii, and many years of initiation and journeying with the whales. 

You can read more about my story with the Whales page on this page ~

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