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Blessed Whale Family! 

These gigantic sea creatures have incredible wisdom to share with humanity during these times on earth.  


They can support us in remembering our true soul essence, our soul song! And how to walk in a good way with this earth and all of creation. 


They are ancient memory keepers who sing their healing songs of love through the ocean waters of life as they travel across the seas of the world.


They feel ALL of humanity and all we are moving through, as our emotions and experiences move through the waters to greet them. 


Their gigantic hearts love us deeply and they are swimming alongside us in this collective awakening.


Their healing sound frequencies and songs help keep the waters clear, re-harmonize discordant frequencies, and transmit their wisdom and love. Truly, they play such a huge role in our planetary system and awakening.

These blessed creatures also need our help and support as their life is threatened by the destruction happening to the waters and on earth. They call for us to wake up! to loving action and show all of creation how much we care about this precious life on earth. To live from the beauty and magic of our souls, sharing our unique medicine to do our part in awakening and healing the earth. 


Whale Wisdom Keepers

 Guardian Group Council Space

coming Autumn 2024 

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~ Some of my Whale Story ~ 

I have been journeying and singing with the whales since 2016. They first came to me in a vision, after a potent soul retrieval journey, where I integrated back an aspect of myself that had been frozen in time. As the ice melted away, they were like, Hey! We're the whales! And we want to journey with you. Those whale sounds you've been making is actually potent medicine. We want you to sing into the wombs.  

I was deeply touched by their contact, and began to connect more with them. Yet it took me a whole other year to innerstand what they even meant, and to begin full on singing with them.


After an absolutely incredible and life changing swim with a huge pod of spinner dolphins on the Big Island of Hawaii, I moved through a portal into a next level of my walk on this earth and in connection to the unseen realms. And specifically my connection to my cetacean families. 


When I returned to the mainland, I shared the whales songs for the first time, with a group of women at a medicine retreat. It was a powerful experience that brought many women to tears, feeling their inner waters deeply touched by the whales. This began my journey of singing with the whales, specifically the Humpback Whale Tribes (as they call themselves) channeling their songs and receiving messages and healing guidance from them. For two years I traveled through many places and circles, singing the songs of the whales.


I was being initiated by them through this process. As they were teaching and guiding me. Supporting me to open my voice, strengthen my courage to take up space, be bold, and share the medicine of my soul. 


In the beginning of 2020, I walked through another powerful portal as I was preparing to follow a deep soul calling and move to the Big Island of Hawaii. It very much felt like the whales and dolphins were calling me there.

This is when I added Whale to my business name, which had previously been Womb Weaving for many years. As I decided to commit more fully to this path of walking with the whales. And it was crystalline clear that they were to play a huge role in my service and life's path. Including the whales in my business name is also a representation of my deep connection and service to the animals, in physical and spirit form. And to the Waters of Life


These photos on the rocks are taken at one of my favorite places on earth at Kealakekua Bay, which I lived just 5 minutes from while I was in Hawa'ii. 

Indeed, while I lived on the Big Island, I deepened in my relationship to the Whales. Many a times I went out to swim with the wild dolphins and listen to the sound of the humpbacks under water. I got to hear their messages through the rains, and commune with them in my dreamtime. I felt a soul level home on the island that I had never felt before in this life. I came to a deeper merging with the Whales, recognizing them as true soul family, and a higher aspect of my own soul's frequency. 

After about a year and a half, I received the clear message that it was my time to leave the islands. However much my mermaid whale soul feels at home there, the northern ancestry in my blood knew the tropics was not the place for me to root into in this life. I was called by the mountains and the Elk back to the mainland on Turtle island, and into a phase of grounding and nourishing my roots. This included moving through A LOT of density and ancestral trauma patterns of my earthly lineage. After a few years, this eventually lead me to return to the lands of my ancestors in Scotland where I currently am and feel called to live long-term. 

While on the lands of the Nooksack, the evergreens and cedars, the great blue herons, and the Orca whale pods in Washington, my singing and expressions with the whales began expanding and refining. Into a whole range of oceanic and winged sound medicine journeys with them. As well as more Oracular transmissions and translating of their messages. 

At some point, it became clear that there was a next level of medicine wanting to come through with whales. I had outgrown the ways in which I shared their medicine and something new wanted to be birthed. They wanted their own spaces and containers to share their medicine and support people in their unfolding. This up-leveling asked a lot of me ~ to be able to hold this frequency of whale womb space for extended periods and in an integrous way. It asked me to step into greater maturity in my life and medicine. To move from maiden to mother, able to hold more responsibility and healing and love within my embrace. I underwent a journey of healing and integrating, aligning my life and body temple more deeply with the crystalline frequencies of whale sanctuary space they invited me to embody.


Though confronting on every level, it has been my great honor to go through this journey. As it is the journey of my soul's embodiment and living into my true mission and destiny in this life. Being in integrity with this medicine is deeply important to my heart, and I really could not do it any other way. 


 I feel more committed and clear in my mission with the whales than ever before. In some ways it feels like all of my journeying thus far has been preparation for what's to come. 


I am in devotion to being a voice for the Whales. Sharing their loving transmissions and messages in service to awakening God's love in the hearts of humanity.


I am opening to this next phase of my journey and collaboration with these majestic creatures. I am opening space for 1-1 divination sessions with them for personal healing and guidance. And a very special offering called Whale Songs is coming through ~ part whale sound healing, part vocal activation, part water blessing. I will be offering this on my West Coast travels this spring & summer. And on my ancestral homelands in Scotland in the Autumn. 

I am also feeling the whales specifically request to create online group portals for us whale folks to connect to them and weave in collaboration with the whales and the waters. To commune and listen for how we can support the earth and the animals and humanity at this crucial time.

Stay tuned for these group spaces this summer and autumn


1-1 Whale Womb Weaving Sessions

These sessions are a very special collaboration between me and the whales to offer healing and activation support for your body temple and sou's path.

Booking online & in-person

~ Whale Song Events ~

info coming soon.... 
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