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~ Weaving ~ 


As a weaver and artist, I create spirit-filled pieces of beauty and medicine.

Revitalizing the wisdom of ancestral arts, I am deeply interested in returning ways of creation that are in honoring and harmonic reciprocity with the earth.

Practical and mystical creations that are alive with spirit and prayer. Items that are made by loving hands and hearts, rather than in a factory of exploitation.


I weave with the animals and medicines of the earth.

I weave with the songs and prayers of my voice and the Divine.

I weave medicine drums and rattles.

I make feather wands, jewelry, and animal medicine adornments.


I tend to the animals in life and death, spirt and form.

I have been processing and preserving animals for many years now ~ 

learning the arts of butchering, tanning, and preserving animal parts to make

food, art, and useful tools.

All while honoring their spirit.

I continue to be a student and deepen in these ways.

~ My Etsy shop ~
with current available pieces 
Please reach out with any inquiries
or for custom orders
and 1-1 creation sessions

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