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~ Past Events ~

Holistic Breast Care Workshop

April 16 ~ 6:30-8 pm 

@ Perth Wellness Center, Perth, Scotland, UK

£33 - £44 Sliding Scale

A workshop all about the breasts and how to care for them long term. We will go over the lymphatic rivers of life that flow through the breasts; where these rivers flow, how they work, and ways to support their free flowing nature. 

Keeping these rivers clear, nourished and flowing is essential for immune health, emotional atunement, and connection to our feminine channel of wisdom and love. And it is the KEY to keeping the breasts healthy and clear of dis-ease for the long term. 

Together we will go through a self-breast massage flow that you can take home with you and practice on your own to support your breast health. We will also have a council of the heart sharing circle, to have the opportunity to share some of your breast journey.

Our breasts are ALIVE. They are fluid and flowing in nature. They are awaiting us to meet them with presence and care. From practical tools, to the mystical realms, we will touch on many dimensions of breast health and what it means to become stewards of the rivers of life that flow through our chests. 

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