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Breast Massage 

Upcoming Dates: 
Nevada City, CA ~ May 14,15,16 
Corbett, OR ~ May 31, June 1, 2
Hudson Valley, NY ~ June 29, 30, July 1

~ Learn the art and skill of giving Therapeutic Breast Massage ~

This training is for...        

Massage Therapists, Bodyworkers,
Healing Practitioners, Doulas / Midwives / Birthworkers, anyone in the field of Women's Health, and anyone who feels the strong call and is enthusiastic about supporting women in this way

The deep need for breast care... 


In this modern day, most women walk around disconnected from their breasts. The breasts are often ignored, stuffed away in bras, and only receive attention during sex or breast feeding. 


All the while, issues with the breasts have become a norm that many women silently struggle with. 


Breast pain, breast tenderness, cysts, hardened tissue, congested lymph nodes, heaviness in the breasts, unidentified lumps, and challenges breastfeeding have all become commonplace within the realm of the breasts. 


And actual breast care barely exists in the modern field of health and wellness! Often women only seek care when they are worried about a serious diagnosis. And often there are only extreme solutions, like surgery, for when there are imbalances presenting.

I believe this epidemic of breast issues, and even of breast cancer, is partly due to our lack of touch, care, and communication with our breasts. And our lack of education of HOW to connect to our breasts in a way that is beyond them as sexual objects or a tool for feeding. 


From my experience massaging hundreds of women’s breasts, I know that this can be one of the most tender and under-cared for areas of the body. 


Yet, the breasts and chest are also a POWERHOUSE center of our bodies. It is where the most concentration of our lymph rivers are found, playing a massive role in our overall health and vitality.


Not to mention the breasts sit over our precious feeling hearts ♡ and literally nourish life into form through their milk.


Keeping these rivers clear, nourished and flowing is essential for optimal health, to prevent dis-ease and be embodied in our intuitive feminine channel.


This kind of breast massage is incredibly supportive at addressing the wide variety of issues that women experience in their breasts. Including breast pain & tenderness, cysts, congested lymph nodes, congested breasts, mastitis, fibrocystic breast tissue, scar tissue, heaviness in the breasts, muscle tension and constriction in the chest, a suspicious lump, a cancer diagnosis. 


The foundation of this kind of Breast Massage is approaching the tissues with an Ayurvedic elemental lens. And utilizing the intelligent technology of our hands to sense what is going on in the tissues of the breasts. This allows lumps and issues to be identified and worked with. Then applying various techniques to support balance and prevent further dis-ease. 


In this breast massage, we focus on moving, cleansing and nourishing the lymph in the breast & chest area. Sometimes we can go deep into clearing and creating change through dissolving blockages, moving congestion, softening scar tissue, draining cysts, and moving stuck pain. 


This can also be a more gentle experience, of slowly opening the more channels of flow and offering nourishment to this area.


This kind of breast massage is also mapping the terrain of the breast tissue, so one can have a sense of what is actually going on in their breasts. This can be crucial to identify if there are imbalances that need tending, and also for someone to feel and become familiar with what their ‘normal’ is.

This is a deeply needed service in the realm of women’s health, and an exquisite offering to your community and the collective of women.


This is such a crucial piece of supporting our feminine flow, and full body health, yet it is still hard to find a practitioner in most places!


This is truly one of my most fulfilling services I offer.

As the breasts are craving this kind of nourishing touch and support.


Most sessions are incredibly impactful for those who receive them. 

I am grateful to pass on this wisdom in the prayer that more women’s breasts and hearts receive the care and nourishment they need to stay healthy and flowing. 



~ What we will be learning ~

* The technique and full flow to be able to offer a therapeutic breast massage * 

The Lymphatic System

Known as Rasa or the "Rivers of LIfe" in Ayurveda


Learning how these lymph rivers flow through the body, what this system does and how it works. 


Learning a flow of massage that supports optimal clearing & opening of the lymph channels. 

Basic Ayurvedic Principals  

Vata / Pitta / Kapha ~ their different qualities and presentations. Identifying these qualities in the tissue, different ways they may present, and what they feel like under your fingers. 

Remedies & bodywork techniques to address different elemental imbalances you may find 

Tools & Remedies 

Massage techniques for the breasts & various issues you may encounter.

Ayurvedic care tools to support breast health. Some that can be used in a session, and some as recommendation continued at-home self-care support.

Energy Medicine practices I have found very effective to support clearing & health in the breasts. 

Additional Support 

Discussing other factors that may be contributing to breast issues such as diet and relationships. We will touch on additional remedies that can support long term breast health, in the realm of lifestyle, diet, relationships, and other modalities

Attuned & Therapeutic Touch 

Somatic orientation for the practitioner, so you can offer attuned & grounded touch. 

Approaching the breasts with reverence and respect. 

Personal integrity in offering healing to others 


Learning to identify different kinds of lumps & ways to tell what they are & what is going on in the tissues. 

How to address different kinds of lumps through massage techniques that support softening / draining / dissolving them

Including ~ cysts, fibrous tissue (firbrocystic breasts), congested lymph, and dried & hardened lymph nodes. 


Signs to look out for & what it may feel like. 

Treatment options & recommendations. 

How to work around it & support someone while undergoing treatment. 

Conversation around potential causes & preventative care.

Emotional Layers 

The deeper emotional layers of personal, collective, and ancestral wounding. you may encounter in the breast tissue.


Hands - on Practice


Each of you will also have the opportunity to do multiple practice sessions during the training, supervised & supported by me.

This will give you the chance to have a hands-on embodied experience of feeling different presentations and different breasts. 

~ Upcoming Dates ~
(scroll down for details & registration for each) 

Nevada City, CA

@Axis Mundi

May 14, 15, 16

Dancing Tree, Corbett OR

(about 30 min outside of Portland)

May 31, June 1 & 2

Hudson Valley, NY

@ Gatherwild Retreat Space

June 29, 30 & July 1

Nevada City, CA

@ Axis Mundi 

May 14, 15, 16

10am to 5pm Tuesday & Thursday  

11:30am - 6:30pm Wednesday

with a 90 minute lunch break 

Bring your own lunch, or you can walk

to a spot in town

snacks, tea & water available

Exchange is sliding scale

$800 ~ $600

Pay in Full 


$300 deposit to secure your spot

(The remaining can be paid in installments before the training begins) 

Please reach out for payment plan options

~ To Register ~ 

Send full payment, or deposit to ~


Venmo ~ @AbigailHinds


Paypal friends & family

Send me an email:

with the subject "Cali Breast Training"

and share a bit about your impulse to join this training and any experience in the realms of healing or women's care. 

Corbett, OR

@ Dancing Tree 

May 31, June 1 & 2

10am to 5pm each day

with a 90 minute lunch break 

Bring your own lunch, or you can drive

to a spot in town

snacks, tea & water available

Exchange is sliding scale

$800 ~ $600

Pay in Full 


$300 deposit to secure your spot

(The remaining can be paid in installments before the training begins) 

Please reach out for payment plan options

~ To Register ~ 

Send full payment, or deposit to ~


Venmo ~ @AbigailHinds


Paypal friends & family

Send me an email:

with the subject "Oregon Breast Training"

and share a bit about your impulse to join this training and any experience in the realms of healing or women's care. 

Hudson Valley, NY

@ Gatherwild Ranch 

June 28, 29 & July 1

10am to 5pm each Day 

with a 90 minute lunch break 

Exchange is sliding scale

$800 ~ $1,000

Includes 2 days of nourishing, healthy & organic breakfast, lunch & dinner

Pay in Full 


$400 deposit to secure your spot

(The remaining can be paid in installments before the training begins) 

Please reach out for payment plan options

Send full payment, or deposit to ~


Venmo ~ @AbigailHinds


Paypal friends & family

Send me an email:

with the subject "NY Breast Training"

and share a bit about your impulse to join this training and any experience in the realms of healing or women's care. 

You can book your accommodation

directly through Gatherwild

Options for camping at $50 / night

or $200-300 / night for private spaces

You can choose when you arrive & depart.

If you'd like to come early to get settled Friday evening. And if you'd like to depart Monday evening, or stay through to Tuesday morning. 

Communal kitchen and bathhouse available for all throughout the weekend.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Scholarships and 

Payment Plans

available upon request


 If you feel a strong call to come learn this, but are financially challenged or unable to pay the full price, please reach out and let me know your situation and why you'd like to come.

I do have spaces reserved for reduced price / scholarship.


~ Your Guide, Abigail ~ 

 I received my first breast massage many years ago at the Women's Herbal Symposium in California. I was blown away from the session when they drained a cyst out of my nipple. I had never even heard of breast massage, and realized I was never taught anything about breast care. 


I saw how important this breast health wisdom was, and wanted to become a wisdom keeper of this lineage to share this medicine with other women.  


I went on to take the 9 month Ayurvedic Foundations Course at the Dhyana Center, under DeAnna Bardorff, and eventually the Ayurvedic Lymphatic Bodywork Course. I apprenticed giving Breast Massages at the Women's Herbal Symposium in California, and did many hours of apprenticeship / supervised practice of Ayurvedic Bodywork and Breast Massage at the Dhyana Center.

This training, and DeAnna's extensive experience with breast health, gave me an elemental and therapeutic foundation to bring to breast health & breast care practices. 


In the past 6 years of offering private breast massages, I have massaged hundreds of women's breasts. As well as many queer folks and men's chests. It was through this hands-on experience that I deepened in this field of breast care, honed my skills, and opened to see just how much is going on in our breasts! 

I am grateful for all of the women who opened their hearts and breasts to receive care from me, as they have truly been my teachers, continually opening me to deeper layers within these realms of breast care. 


Over time in working directly within the field, I have incorporated many other fields of study and healing into the Breast Massage I offer and teach about today. As I have found these practices / tools incredibly important and supportive for the emotional, spiritual, and sensual realms of breast health.


I incorporate Energy Medicine tools and Venusian Priestess Arts as I find the sensitive nature of the breasts respond well to subtle medicine. Sound medicine, herbal medicine, and the animals are also strong allies for me in all healing work I do, including breast massage. 


I have found that my extensive studies in Deep Body Model and Intuitive Movement and Dance with Stefana Seraphina has has a huge impact on this work, in supporting my capacity to help women to make a direct and personal connection to their breast and heart center through guided movement and embodiment practices. 


I have offered Breast Massage with the Areola Tent at Spirit Weavers gathering for both Sun & Moon sessions in 2018, 2019, and in 2022. I have offered many workshops on Breast Health and Self Breast Massage at gatherings such as Spirit Weavers, Northwest Permaculture Convergence, and private homes. 


I am also trained in the Spurgeon Method of Breast Massage that is more specialized in working with women who have had breast cancer and are recovering from treatments and surgeries. Or who are actively going through it and undergoing medical treatments. 

I have also learned a lot from Aubrey Lesicki in Seattle, WA ~ she is another pioneer in the field of breast care. 


Though my foundation for this work came from Ayurvedic Lymphatic Bodywork ~ I know these feminine care practices are ancient and from many places in the world that have since been forgotten and buried. The witches, healers and medicine women across time and culture who worked in the realms of the female body knew these wisdom ways of nourishment and care for the breasts.


I appreciate and honor how DeAnna and Aubrey have pioneered this realm of modern breast care, to be able to offer real therapeutic support to a wide range of breast issues that we see today, maybe more than ever before in history. 


A note on certification... 

You will receive a Certificate of Completion for going through this training. You will receive the full training and transmission to be able to give therapeutic breast massage to others. You will absolutely be ready to go home and offer this to a friend or sister. Though, to offer this as a paid service, you will most likely need more hours of practice and experience.

Even if you are super new to this modality, simply giving a lymphatic breast massage is nourishing and supportive. Though it may take much more time and practice to be able to skillfully identify what different kinds of lumps are, and therapeutically support someone to move through blockages and issues.


Each person will likely have a unique set of skills and areas of expertise coming into the training. So how much practice you need afterwards will depend on where you already are. For example, if you are already practicing bodywork from an elemental lens, either through Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, or something else, this training will likely land well, and easily be able to be integrated into the offerings you already practice. If you are completely new to bodywork or women's healing, it may require you invest many more weeks and months into hands on practice.

I was more new to bodywork when I learned this, and though I found it came naturally to me, I invested 2 + years of offering by-donation sessions and working at women's gatherings before charging full price. 


We will speak more about all of this in the training. The main intention is to be in integrity with yourself and your capacity as a healer, and with this modality as an offering. 

Also to note, that some places in the US, giving breast massage is technically illegal. Some places it requires a special kind of additional training. This has never stopped me before, as I believe it is ancient medicine that should be available when needed. However it is something to consider, and we will speak about this more in the training as well. 

Have any questions? 

I'm happy to connect for a 20 min call to answer any questions and see if this training is a good fit for you! 
Bless our Breasts 
Bless their health and fluidity
May they receive deep nourishment and love
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