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~ Bless Our Breasts ~


Art: Indigo Diego

Holistic Breast Care,
Education and Massage

~ Lymphatic Breast Massage  ~

Currently offering
in-person sessions
in Scotland, UK 

~ In US ~

1 hour $160    ~   90 min $190

~ In UK ~

1 hour  £60   ~   90 min £80

~ Schedule a Session ~ 


This massage is the kind of care the breasts are craving, yet so rarely receive! It is truly one of my favorite offerings to give, as it is so deeply nourishing to our hearts and breasts. 


This is a nourishing massage of the entire breast & chest area, including the underarms. ​We focus on moving, cleansing and nourishing the lymph in the breast & chest area. Opening the channels of flow, so the breasts can be more free and naturally cleanse and nourish as they are designed to. 

I approach this work with great care, and go at the pace of your body and what she is ready for. Often the first session is more gentle, especially if it is your first breast massage ever, or if your breasts have not received a lot of movement & care. Even just one gentle session can be very potent for opening the channels of lymph, clearing stagnation, and creating more flow. 

If desired and ready, we can go deeper into clearing and creating change. Through softening scar tissue, draining cysts, dissolving lumps, and moving significant blockages.


In these sessions, we can also map the terrain of your breast tissue. Through an Ayurvedic elemental lens, I will share what I feel in your tissue, if there are imbalances to tend to, and what your 'normal' looks like. This is so you have a clearer sense of what's going on in your breasts and how to care for them. 

If you are curious or concerned about a lump in your breast, we can investigate further to see if we can identifying what specifically is going on. ​


When appropriate, I offer tools, remedies and self-care practices you can take home with you. These are tools to support change, prevent dis-ease, create more balance, and uplift your own relationship with your breasts.  

I enjoy weaving in sound medicine and aromatherapy to support the sacred unfolding and nourish the subtle realms of spirit. 

I will be in the US, traveling on the

West Coast, offering sessions in

May & June of 2024

See dates below for 

currently scheduling

~ I also offer ~

Full Body Lymphatic Massage 

~ Breast Health Consultation ~


This is an offering to support all of your breast care needs through online zoom sessions, anywhere in the world.


All that is mentioned for the breast massage can be accessed here, but rather than me giving you a breast massage, I will be guiding you on how to touch & massage your own breasts.


In this consultation you can learn how to massage your own breasts in a way that supports optimal lymphatic flow and opening of the channels. I can coach you in real time to discover together what is going on in your breast tissue, what different lumps may be, and how to massage out pain and stagnation. 


We can also delve into creating an embodied, loving and nourishing connection to your breasts. Opening your connection to your feminine essence and all that is flowing through your heart. With guided rituals and practices to cultivate more sensual aliveness in your breasts. 


This consultation is intended to support the greatest health and nourishment of your breasts. To Live Your Breast Life.

I am here for you!
Receive full access to my wisdom and extensive knowledge about Holistic Breast Care
to support all of your questions
and needs on your unique
breast health journey.

1 hour ~ $160 2 hours ~ $220

Package of 3 Sessions 


(great if you are wanting more in-depth personal guidance on breast massage and

long term breast care.  Or if you have a big

issue that wants deep care)

~ Schedule a Session ~


Some facets we can cover during our session ~ 

~ Getting to know your own terrain through coaching on self breast massage, and getting really specific for how to know what you are feeling under your fingers.

~ Massage techniques for dissolving lumps, draining cysts, softening fibrous tissue, re-hydrating dry, and softening scar tissue.

~ Guided somatic journeying to connect with the deeper wisdom in your breasts.

~ Teachings on the lymphatic system ~ how these rivers flow through the breasts ~ and how to support health and vital flow.

~ Personalized self-care rituals, resources and tools to take home with you to support long term breast health and prevent disease.

~ Diet and lifestyle recommendations for breast health. 

~ Energetic, emotional, and relational tending of the breasts. 


~ Venusian sensual arts to awaken embodied breast love and sensual aliveness. 

~ Ritual recommendation for deeper clearing and connection. 

PinkFlower - Edited.png
Breast Massage opens our chests to a healthy flow. It is the #1 tool we have to prevent dis-ease and nourish long term health in the breasts.


Breast Massage is supportive for ~ ~ ~ 


~ Breast pain and tenderness

~ Releasing heaviness carried in the breasts

~ Draining & addressing Cysts

~ Clearing stagnation  

~ Softening scar tissue

~ Lumps you are curious or concerned about 

~ Long term health and vitality of your breasts 

~ Preventing breast dis-ease and cancer

~ Immune system care & longevity

~ Fibrocystic breast tissue

~ Fibroadenomas

~ Breastfeeding issues

~ Mastitis

~ Preparing for conception

~ Healthy pregnancy

~ Healthy Breastfeeding 

~ Creating a more loving and connected relationship to your body & feminine nature

~ Healing body shame & self hatred 

~ Mother wound healing 

~ Muscle tension and constriction in the chest 

~ Back pain associated with breasts 

~ Congested breasts

~ Heavy breasts 

~ Cancer diagnosis & treatment


My qualifications on Breast Health & Massage... 

My breast journey began in 2017 at the Women's Herbal Symposium in California, when I won a raffle ticket for a free breast massage. It was my first breast massage ever, and to my absolute awe, multiple women spent over an hour working on my breasts, slowly opening the channels of flow, and eventually squeezed a cyst out of my nipple. (Yes, the nipples are part of the excretory system, and can have all kinds of fluid from the lymph and breasts flow out of them!)

I didn’t even know I had a cyst at the time. And I certainly didn’t know it was possible to drain it out of the nipple! I proceeded to take the 2 hour workshop on breast health and realized there was a whole lot I had never been taught about my breasts.

I wondered, why have I never heard of this before? Why didn’t I learn this in middle school? It seemed like such basic information about how my female body functions and flows. Yet somehow left out of my educational curriculum. It felt very similar to when I learned about the phases of my womb cycle and natural fertility tracking.

I could feel on a deep level how important this breast health wisdom was, and wanted to become a steward of this medicine to share it with other women.  


I went on to take a 9 month Ayurvedic Foundations Course at the Dhyana Center, under DeAnna Bardorff, and eventually the Ayurvedic Lymphatic Bodywork Course. I apprenticed giving Breast Massages at the Women's Herbal Symposium in California, and did many hours of apprenticeship / supervised practice of Ayurvedic Bodywork and Breast Massage at the Dhyana Center.

This training, and DeAnna's extensive experience with breast health, gave me an elemental and therapeutic foundation to breast health & breast massage. 



I began offering by-donation Breast Clinics in Berkeley, CA, and giving private breast massage sessions. In the past 6 years of offering breast massages, I have massaged hundreds of women's breasts. As well as many queer folks and men's chests. It was through this hands-on experience that I deepened in this field of breast care, honed my skills, and opened to see just how much is going on in our breasts! 

I am grateful for all of the women who opened their hearts and breasts to receive care from me, as they have been my teachers, continually opening me to deeper layers within these realms of breast care. 


Over time, in working directly in the field of breast care, I have incorporated many other fields of study and healing into the Breast Massage I offer and teach about today. As I have found these practices and tools to be incredibly important and supportive for the emotional, spiritual, and sensual realms of breast health.


I incorporate Energy Medicine tools, Venusian Mermaid Arts, Sound Medicine, Herbal Medicine, and support from the Winged Ones. I find the sensitive nature of the breasts respond well to subtle medicine. And I like to nourish the levels of spirit and soul through these offerings. 


I have found that my extensive studies in Deep Body Model and Intuitive Movement and Dance with Stefana Seraphina has has a huge impact on this work, in supporting my capacity to help women to make a direct and personal connection to their breast and heart center through guided movement and embodiment practices. 


I have offered Breast Massage with the Areola Tent at Spirit Weavers gathering for both Sun & Moon sessions in 2018, 2019, 2022, and 2023. I offered Breast Massage at Origins Women's Gathering in 2023. And I offered Breast Massage at Matriarch Rising Festival in the summer of 2023. (photo above)


I have been teaching workshops on Breast Health and Self Breast Massage for the past 4 years, and guiding somatic embodiment journeys to support women to connect to their breasts in a deeper and more embodied way. I have offered these at gatherings such as Spirit Weavers, Origins, Northwest Permaculture Convergence, and private homes. 


I am also trained in the Spurgeon Method of Breast Massage that is more specialized in working with women who have had breast cancer and are recovering from treatments and surgeries. Or who are actively going through it and undergoing medical treatments. 

I have also learned a lot from Aubrey Lesicki in Seattle, WA ~ she is another pioneer in the field of breast care. 


Though my foundation for this work came from Ayurvedic Lymphatic Bodywork ~ I know these feminine care practices are ancient and from many places in the world that have since been forgotten and buried. The witches, healers and medicine women across time and culture who worked in the realms of the female body knew these wisdom ways of nourishment and care for the breasts.


I appreciate and honor how DeAnna and Aubrey have pioneered this realm of modern breast care, to be able to offer real therapeutic support to a wide range of breast issues that we see today, maybe more than ever before in history. 

May the way for healthy and free flowing breasts continue to be created for all women interested and for the future ones to come. 


Bless our Breasts 

Bless their health and fluidity

May they receive deep nourishment and love

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