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~ Ayurvedic Lymphatic Massage ~


Lymphatic massage is a deeply nourishing and rejuvenating experience. It supports healthy lymphatic flow for the whole body, which supports greater vitality and renewed life force flowing through your system. 


In this massage, we focus on moving, cleansing, and nourishing the lymph. Opening up the pathways of flow so the lymphatic system can function in the optimal way it is designed to.


I use herbal infused oil that brings nourishment and hydration deep into the tissues. I also use hot compress and hot stones to bring warmth and support opening and flow. 

If there are places of blockage and stuckness, we can go deeper into clearing and creating change through breaking down congestion, softening scar tissue, and dissolving pain and stagnation. I use guashas and cupping to offer deeper level clearing support. 


It can also be a more subtle session, offering nourishment and gently bringing more flow to places of stagnation. 


If you’d like, I can share my assessment of the health of your tissues, through an Ayurvedic elemental lens. This is so you can have a sense of what is going on in your body and the places that are needing more balance and support.  


When appropriate, I offer helpful tools, remedies and self-care practices you can take home with you. These are to support change, prevent dis-ease, create more balance, and uplift your own relationship with your body.  

When called for, I enjoy incorporating elements of sound healing, aromatherapy, hot stones and clearing practices to support your sacred unfolding.


This is all held in a loving container of great care and integrity.

~ Schedule a Session ~

Currently offering in-person sessions 

in Stirling, Scotland, UK

1 hour ~ £65    90 min ~ £100    2 hours ~ £130

to schedule a session please email ~

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