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Blessed Breasts 

A 6 Week Group Journey 

✨ Next round begins March 11, 2024

Tending the temple of our hearts, our breasts 

so we may return to our truest essence of love 

radiating this wisdom from our being.

Becoming Stewards of our Rivers of Life ~ 

Most of us are not taught how to care for our breasts. 


The mountainous terrain that sits over our pulsing, feeling hearts. 


These magical fountains that flow milky liquid substance to nourish life into form. 

These highly attuned antenna, that pulse with the frequencies of our heart,


We are taught to “check them for cancer”. 

Orienting our touch towards that of fear, of finding something wrong. 


And we are not even given adequate knowledge of what cancer may feel like.

The breasts can be naturally lumpy after all… what kind of lump are we even looking for? 


We are taught to push and plump our breasts. To display them as sexual objects for others to ogle and consume. A way to receive worthiness and attention.

Or to hide them away, and tuck them into baggy shirts and constricting bras as to not attract this sexual attention. 


There is a sole focus on how they appear, if they are perky enough, if they meet the artificial beauty standards we are fed, or if they are non-arousing enough. 

So there is this sexualization of our breasts and how they look. 

And then the fear of cancer and what might be wrong with them. 

But what about nourishing the breasts? What about caring for them? 

What about tending them and touching them with love?

What about keeping them healthy? 


Simply “checking” our breasts, even by the fancy machines like mammograms and sonograms, is not an adequate way to support them to be healthy. 

And orienting towards how they look without ever exploring our inner terrain, will also not support them to be healthy. 


Our breasts need A LOT more care than these models we have been given. 

Answering this call, asks us to become stewards of the rivers of life that flow through our chests. 


Our breasts are ALIVE. They are fluid and flowing in nature. 


They are awaiting us to meet them in their glorious flowing essence. 


To become stewards of their rivers of life…

Pink Lotus Flower

You will receive...  


Self Breast Massage techniques that support the healthy flow of your lymph

and expand your heart’s capacity.


Learning to sense with your fingers what is going on in your breast tissue

from an elemental Ayurvedic lens.


How to identify different lumps in your breasts and asses what they may be.

And tools to help lumps soften, drain and dissolve. 


Lifelong tools and practices to keep your breasts healthy long-term,

preventing dis-ease, cancer and deeper issues. 



Ways to cultivate a deeper and more loving connection to your breasts. 



Venusian Priestess rituals to connect to the magic and sensual nature of your breasts. 



Mermaid Mysteries of the water magic and medicine that flows through the breasts.



Attuning to the antenna of the breasts as an ally to communicate with you.


Guided somatic journey to listen to your deep body wisdom,

and weave more intimate connection with your chest.


Being held in an intimate group container, with spaciousness to

share from the heart about our relationship to our breasts

and how to re-write the narratives we have been given. 


~ 6 Weeks of Live Calls ~

Calls on Mondays 

9:30 - 11 am PST

5:30-7 pm UK time

Week 1 ~ March 11

Week 2 ~ March 18

Week 3 ~ March 25


Week 4 ~ April 8

Week 5 ~ April 15

Week 6 ~ April 22

All calls will be recorded and posted

on our group page within 48 hrs

~ Week 1 ~

The Well of Feminine Nourishment 


~ Creating our container

~ Exploring the many layers of our relationship to our breasts 

~ Transmission on nourishing and 

caring for our breasts

~ Week 3 ~ 

Rivers of Life

~ Teachings on the Lymphatic System, how these rivers move through our breasts, and how to support their healthy flow  

~ Mermaid Water Magic in the Breasts

~ Self Breast Massage

~ Week 5 ~

The Sensual, Mystical and Erotic

~ Sensual rituals for enjoyment

and loving up our breasts 


~ Energetic & subtle body practices to clear & attune the breasts 

~ Deeper layers of ancestral,  collective, and relational threads we may contact in the breasts

~ Week 2 ~

Embodied Breast Connection

Guided somatic journey to connect to your breasts, exploring all that is moving through them.

~ Creating pathways for the sensations and messages to be felt, to move and to express.

~ Listening, Feeling, 


~ Week 4 ~

Exploring Our Terrain

~ Learning to sense with your fingers what is going on in your breast tissue from an elemental lens


~ Identifying different kinds of lumps & ways to help them shift / dissolve

~ Conversation about Cancer 

signs to look for 

& resources 

~ Week 6 ~

Breast Health Longevity 


~ Self-Care tools and practices to support long term breast health 

~ Diet & Lifestyle elements that effect breast health 


~ Tending to our relationships and how the relational fields effect

our breast health

~ Investment ~ 

Pay in Full 

Payment Plan 

x 3 months

If you are paying in full,  you are also welcome to

send payment through Venmo @AbigailHinds

or Paypal friends & family ~

* please include your email *

And reach out if you need an alternative payment method.


Some scholarships and discounted prices are available. Please reach out if you feel very called to join but can't afford the full cost at this time! 


~ Your Guide Abigail ~ 

My breast journey began in 2017 when I received my first breast massage at the Women's Herbal Symposium in CA. I was blown away when they drained a cyst out of my nipple! I connected to my breasts in a whole new way. I sat in on the breast health workshop and felt deeply how important our breast health is. I also found myself wondering, why have I never heard of this before? I felt the call to become a wisdom keeper of this breast care, and share this medicine with other women.  


I went on to take the 9 month Ayurvedic Foundations Course at the Dhyana Center in Sebastopol, CA, studying with DeAnna Batdorff. This training, and DeAnna's extensive experience with breast health, gave me an elemental and therapeutic foundation to bring to breast health & breast care practices. 


I have been offering Breast Massage sessions for 6 years now. I have massaged hundreds of women's and queer folks' breasts. This has given me a ton of hands on experience and opened me to so many dimensions of breast health!


I have discovered that there is truly SO MUCH going on in our breasts. It is a great honor to nourish this place on our bodies, and to teach and share this breast medicine with others. 


Though my main lineage for this work is Ayurvedic ~ I know these feminine care practices are ancient and from many places in the world. The witches, healers, curanderas, and medicine women across time and culture who worked in the realms of the female body knew these wisdom ways of how to care for the breasts. 


Over time I have woven in other tools and healing techniques into my Breast Care work. This includes Energy Medicine tools, Venusian Priestess Arts and Herbal Medicine. As I have found these practices / tools incredibly important and supportive for the emotional, spiritual, and sensual realms of breast health.


I often lead embodiment / somatic journeys on breast connection ~ supporting women to connect and engage with their breasts through guided intuitive movement. This particular way of sharing is from my extensive training with Stefana Serafina and her Deep Body and Intuitive Dance models.






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