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~ Weaving Jewelry ~ 


Weaving is a deeply intuitive and magical journey for me. It is a channel where wisdom, insight, and inspiration pours through my hands and into each pendant.


Each piece is unique, carrying its own special medicine bundle to offer to

your journey of embodiment. 


Each piece is a ceremony that I immerse myself in,

to weave the medicine of the prayers that want to come through.


I collaborate with the crystals, shells, colors, elements and environment I am in. 

I weave in specific prayers, songs, plants, and whatever magic is called for. 


Each piece is created with the intention to activate your prayer for your life.

To have this ally to wear that holds and radiates the energy of your prayers

to help you embody them. 

I make each piece with great love and care 💜


These pieces are super sturdy / durable, and surprisingly comfortable and light to wear. Even the large ones can easily become an everyday piece. 


These are medicine pendants.

The intention is to powerfully support you on your path of becoming.

To embody the medicine of your soul.

~ Custom Pendant Orders ~

For a custom order, we begin by having a conversation / consultation about what you are envisioning, and what medicine you want to bring into your life. This can be very specific down to the particular stones and shapes you would like. Or it can be more vague and open with just a prayer for what you want to wear it for, or specific energies & colors you are feeling.


However vague or specific your request, I can take it from there and begin visioning  💫 


We also speak to logistics of size, price range and timing.


🦋 Then I begin the journey of bringing the vision into form. The colors and stones and elements reveal themselves to me over the coming days and weeks. I gather all the pieces. And when the timing and environment is right, I create a sacred space, and sit in the ceremony of weaving.


Your finished piece comes with a detailed poetic description of the prayer and medicine of the piece, sometimes even a playlist, and wrapped in a beautiful cloth attuned to its medicine.


For the larger pieces, I record a voice memo sharing about the medicine and all that came through during the journey of weaving ;) this is like a recap of all the healing and insight that was revealed! 


🦋 The creation process is a magical journey that unfolds in its own time.

Because of the fluid nature of this process, custom orders can take up to 12 weeks or more to complete. It can be faster if requested and agreed upon. 


In opening to a custom pendant, we are in a collaborative co-creation within the dream realms. I am holding the prayer for your pendant in my field of awareness, and allow spaciousness for all of the pieces to reveal themselves and come together. There is the finding of the stones, the colors, and the right environment and timing to weave the particular prayer. You are at welcome to communicate during this time if more details flow through that you feel called to share. 


✨ If you are interested in a custom pendant ✨

 please send me an email at

with the subject “Custom Pendant”

Let me know what you are feeling /

visioning for your piece.


I will reply and share if I am able to create the piece at this time, and next steps for us to connect over the phone, or messaging.


You are welcome to check out my photos of pieces on my IG page @whalewombweaving for inspiration.


Truly though, there is the rainbow spectrum of possibilities available 🌈 


~ Exchange ~

$288 ~ $444 

2 stone pendant with double weaving 


$488 ~ $888 

3 stone pendant with triple weaving 


$666 ~ $1,100 

4 stone pendant or 3 stone with quadruple weaving 


Additional cost is only added if the stones are particularly expensive,

or for international shipping.

Payment plans are available, please inquire.

I am sometimes open to trades :) 

~ Sliding Scale Payment Structure ~

I offer a sliding-scale, pay from your heart structure. This is to  allow spaciousness for the full range of energetics that actually goes into each piece I create. Opening to the full spectrum of exchange for the offering and medicine that these pieces are. While honoring the reality of our current world & financial system. 


The higher end is a more accurate value of the actual amount of energy and medicine that goes into the creation of each piece. It is my thriving price. The lower end is the foundational minimum exchange. This price still feels great, and is more considerate of the financial reality we live in, the market 'price' of things, and most people's relationship to money and value. 


I ask for the minimum amount for the piece upfront. You are welcome to increase the amount after it is complete if that feels aligned. Payment plans and other arrangements can be available upon request. 


After we connect for our consultation, I invite you to feel into your heart, your womb, your waters, wherever you feel into for guidance and clarity ~ for what amount is aligned for you. 


There is no expectation on my part for where you choose to be on the spectrum. The minimum amount is all that is required. 


~ My investment into each piece ~ 
~ More on exchange ~ 

I acknowledge that it is a great privilege to ask for this much for the work I do. It has been many years of a journey to get to this place, and it feels really good to do it this way for me. I think that many artists, and especially weavers, are greatly underpaid for their work. I am grateful to ask for and receive the amount that feels like a fair energetic exchange. 


As each of these pieces is so unique, and a large investment of my energy and time, I have never been able to ‘crank them out’, or create a ton of them. I have never been able to do this as full time work, nor would I like to. They flow in their own time, and I have learned to honor that process. It is a slow and steady journey. Sometimes it may take months for one piece to have all the elements needed to come to completion. 


Within that, I do not take on many custom pieces at any given moment. This sliding scale of payment honors the uniqueness and preciousness that each of these pieces truly is. 


In case you would like to know or have a reference point for my time invested in each piece… 


There is the main juice of work ~ the many hours of time sitting in the ceremony of hands-on weaving. This requires my full attention and presence. It is hands-on labor, and often a full body effort and experience. This may include me singing or playing instruments to the piece, and adding elemental magic to the creation process. I enjoy this very much and invest my full self in this journey. 


In addition, there are many other details I energetically invest into. Including ~ the initial consultation, communication back and forth about the piece, going various places to find the stones, purchasing the materials, finding the right music for a playlist, finding the right location and set up for the weaving, cleansing & caring for the stones and piece, taking photos, and translating & sharing the transmissions that come through the weavings. 


From the opening of our conversation, I am also holding the creative process of your piece in my consciousness and life. It is a part of my field and the weaving of my own reality. 


Because of this great energetic investment, I only take on custom weavings that I feel a full resonance with. That I can hold the prayer within my field for. 


It is my great honor to do this.

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