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Animal Initiations

Navigating Deep Relationships 
& Transformational Initiations 
with Animal Kin 

A free Wisdom Share 
Conversation & Storytelling

Weds December 8, 2-3:30 pst

Animal Initiations can be intense. They can rip apart the foundational fabric of our comfortable reality. They can challenge the deepest core of our wounded patterns and ways of living. This can sometimes feel like full on life upheaval.

It can sometimes feel terrifying, even life threatening. Some of these initiations are no joke! 


It can also simply and courageously feel like moving into territory and realms of exploration we have

never experienced or dreamed of. 


At the core, these animal guides are calling us into a more full and embodied version of ourselves.  


They are supporting us to transform and evolve into more of our authentic nature.

The true medicine of our soul.


A specific animal, or animal nation can come in and be your guide through a transformational initiatory experience.

These animals have specific codes and keys to teach you and support you in this embodiment.


These kind of deep relationships actually awaken the gifts within, the gifts that we came here to embody and share.

These are often lifelong relationships of learning, deepening, and expanding with the medicine of these creatures. 

It can be extremely helpful to know that you are even in an animal initiation! And to have the tools to be as consciously involved in the process as possible. So you are not flailing around, wondering what the f*** is happening to you.


This can make all the difference in making it through to the other side of the initiation, crossing the threshold to actually reach a new level of embodied medicine from this journey. Rather than stopping in the middle and not seeing the alchemy all the way through. 


In this offering, I will be sharing wisdom and helpful tools to navigate these kind of initiatory experiences with the animals. I will share personal stories of Animal Initiations I have been through and that have been shared with me. These animal initiations have been a huge part of my soul awakening journey. The animals have been my main guides and teachers on my path of embodiment. I will also open the space to questions and conversations on this topic. 

I will also be sharing about my upcoming Animal Medicine & Communication Course, beginning December 18. 

One of the modules is focused specifically on Animal Initiations, where we will be delving even more deeply into this topic, as well as so much more around navigating the realms of all things Animal Medicine. 

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