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Water Womb Clearing & Illumination

3 Month Journey 

We will gather for 

6 group Zoom calls ~

every 2 weeks for 2 hours

Wisdom teachings, journey work & counsel shares


~ You will receive to do on your own time ~ 

Recorded Whale Healing Transmissions

Womb Journeys & Meditations

Homeplay Assignments

Additional relevant resources


You receive 

3 private sessions with Abigail 

  -Womb Whale Healing Session 

  -Ayurvedic Lymphatic Session 

  -Coaching Session


Ultimate Detox Kit

Large bottle of hemp Oil

(both a one month supply) 


Daylong In-person Retreat 



~ Week 1 ~

Cleansing our Water Temples

We are small Earths ~ what is happening to the waters of

this earth is happening to us internally.

Cleansing our own pollution and toxicity.


Intriductions, Overview & Intentions

Whale Wisdom & Transmission




~ Week 2 ~

Clearing Our Womb Temples

Our wombs hold the power of death, rebirth and renewal.

Using our wombs as alchemical cauldrons of transmutation 

to let go of that which no longer serves.

Moon Blood Magic

Womb Cord Removal

Sexual Sovereignty 



~ Week 3 ~

Tending to our Internal Rivers 


There is strength in a river that is flowing.

Learning to map our internal rivers and tend to them, 

releasing blocks/dams, moving stagnancy and putting out fire to create more vitality & flow.

Ayurvedic Lymphatic Work 

Lymphatic Breast Care

Emotional Processing & Release

Keeping the Rivers Flowing


~ Week 4 ~

Loving Our Bodies Back to Wholeness


Reclaiming, re-inhabiting our bodies as our own, as of the earth. Belonging & feeling safer in our bodies. 

Yoni Massage

21day commitment 

Self love & acceptance 

Releasing sexual trauma through love


~ Week 5 ~

Filling Our Cups 

We are temples of water. 

Water Crystal Magic 

Water Prayer & Blessings

Yoni Steaming 




~ Week 6 ~

Feminine Embodiment 


Making space for the sensuous, delicious


Shedding Shame

Calling in Pleasure 

Sensuality as Nature 


~ Exchange ~


Deposit of $333


3 payments of $333

*Payment Plans available*

6 payments of $170

3 payments of $333

One payment of $999

*Scholarships available*

please reach out if you feel deeply called 

to this journey but need financial assistance 

Would you like to join us?  

Have more questions?

Through the link below you can schedule a 20-30 min Exploration call to connect and see if working together is a good fit!

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