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Workshops & Rituals

Please reach out if you are interested in hosting a workshop or bringing one to a resonant venue in your area! 

Check out my Upcoming Events page for current offerings.

Ayurvedic Breast Health & Massage

In Ayurveda, the lymphatic system is called Rasa or ‘River of Life’. These rivers run throughout our whole body ~ they are our immune system and play a huge role in our overall heatlh. Our breast & chest area has a huge concentration of lymph and yet often only gets attention during sex or breast feeding. Keeping these rivers clear, nourished and flowing is essential for optimal health and to prevent dis-ease. Come learn how to give your breasts the love and nourishment they crave <3

In this workshop we will learn about breast health and the lymphatic system from an Ayurvedic perspective. You’ll learn how to massage and care for your breasts to keep your lymph rivers flowing and healthy. We will learn to map the terrain of the breast tissue using Ayurvedic elemental theory to know what is going on, what’s ‘normal’ and how to bring greater balance and health. We will connect with Ayurvedic self-care tools and practices that support change and prevent diseases such as guasha, abhyanga and salt scrubs. We will also touch on diet, lifestyle, and and plant-based solutions to keep the breasts and lymph in optimal health!


Whale Womb Water Illumination Ritual
A womb water ritual with the whales for collective cleansing, healing and activation. 

Blessed water temples ~ together we shall gather in circle and create a sacred container for us to take a dive into the deep waters of our wombs. Through guided meditation and connecting to these waters we will come to know our own self and soul more intimately. In these depths we will receive a healing and activating transmission from the Humpback Whale Tribes who share their ancient wisdom with gigantic love and support. In collective ritual we will activate our bodies as illuminated water temples and speak to what it means to walk this earth as a protector of the waters and all of her life-giving magic. We will close our circle with a water blessing and personal commitment to walk in good relation with the waters. <3

Experience Natural, Vibrant Energy
The Endocannabanoid System & Optimal Wellness

What does balance and optimal health look like? How do we achieve that state? In this workshop we will be delving into the crucial role of our Endocannabinoid system in regulating ALL of our body’s systems creating true balance and wellness from within. We will explore the role the Endocannabinoid system plays in our body’s health and in balancing the central nervous system, immune system, hormones, reproductive system and more. Discover Primemybody’s revolutionary scientific breakthrough in detox and hemp oil to support this system and our bodies most vibrant natural health! These discoveries are changing lives on every level ~ physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially. Includes Hemp Oil Tasting and wellness meditation.

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