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~Ceremonial Drum Making ~

August 12 & 13
@ Private Forest Sanctuary 
in Grass Valley, CA


Feeling the call of Mother Earth?

In the depths of your core?

The interconnectedness of your hearts beat?

“ Be held in a prayerful container as you weave your own sacred medicine drum.”

In prayer and presence, we weave these medicine drums into being, our hands flowing as extensions of our heart’s intentions.

These ancient instruments connect us to the heartbeat of Mother Earth. They open a whole realm of sound and rhythm, pulse and prayer. They also open a relationship with the spirit of the animal that is woven into the drum.

These drums will be woven completely with animal skin, (as opposed to string) which I really love the feel of. The cross design of back handle is light and comfortable to hold. The frames are beautifully crafted with red cedar from my friend.

We are offering you a space to awaken your wild remembrance. And to create your unique medicinal drum.

Through guided movement and meditation journeys, we will support you to make a powerful connection to the spirit of the animal you are weaving with, opening this deep relationship of sound medicine and connection to the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

~ Details ~ 


Saturday August 12th 
Arrival 10am

Opening circle - Offerings - Intentions
Drum making part 1

~ Bring your own lunch

Movement journey to bridge your medicine into your drum
Drum making part 2
Day ends at 5pm

Option to camp on site for extra cost
Option to receive healthy yummy dinner for extra

Sunday August 13th
Arrival 9am
Mindfulness practice to reactivate subtle bodies
Drum making part 3

Bring your own lunch

Drum making part 4
Closing circle
Day ends at 5pm
(Option to camp + dinner)

Sunday's evening, optional Song Fire Circle > 7pm to 9pm (included for participants of the workshop, open to the public for a fee). Stay and let your new drum vibrate!!!

At a forest sanctuary 20min from downtown Grass Valley, CA

> Deposit $100 (non refundable, due to cost of material)
> Sliding scale exchange for two days of guidance, all the material and tea-snacks from $480 to $680
> Optional camping $25/night
> Optional dinner $20
*** Registration & drum order is due by August 6th so we have enough time to order and pick up the hides & supplies.

You can choose what size frame and hide you would like to weave with :
> You can choose a 16” or 18” frame
> You can choose Elk, Buffalo, or Deer hide

To book your participation
. Venmo deposit or full payment to @julieromano7
. Send a message to for other payment methods

Let us know
~ what size frame and hide you would like for your drum
~ if you will be camping
~ if you will be ordering Saturday's dinner
~ if you would like to stay for the optional dinner Sunday night

About Abigail
Abigail is a wisdom keeper of feminine healing lineages that nourish the life-giving powers of the feminine heart and soul. Her offerings support women to embody the wild roots of their fertility and open to the wellspring of their feminine magic. As a weaver and artist, Abigail works with the animals and medicines of the earth to weave magic into jewelry, drums, feather wands, and prayerful medicine adornments. Abigail also walks with the Whales, and sings their soulful songs of healing and remembering to support womb healing, sound medicine journeys, and Oracular channelings.

About Julie
Julie Surpreet Adi is a versatile visual artist, a spiritual coach, a kundalini yoga instructor, and an healer. For almost a decade, she has guided people into physical and spiritual rejuvenation. She weaves holistic modalities for the expansion of consciousness, deep healing, and reconnection to the Sacred.

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