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Week 2 ~ Building Relationship through Prayers & Offerings 

1 ~ Opening Possibility Within our

      Animal Kin Relationships

2 ~ Building Relationship through

      Prayers & Offerings

3 ~ Opening the Pathways

     of Communication

4 ~ Feathers, Bones, Furs & Hides

5 ~ Our Living Animal Kin 

6 ~ Animal Initiations 

7 ~ Animal Collaborations
      and Blessings 

8 ~ The Magic and Medicine

      of Working with Birds 

♡ Opening, cultivating, and tending relationship with our animal kin through reciprocity ♡

~ inspiration & ideas for what offerings can look like ~

♡ A tour of my animal medicine altar for this course ♡

~ Link to our first Live Call on December 18 ~


~ Invitation ~

This module the invitation is to make a sacred offering to an animal
that you want to open into deeper relationship with.

This is a deeply intuitive and personal process ~ to choose what animal you are giving to, gather the materials, and find your place to make the offering.

It gets to be creative and beautiful!  
This is your own sacred ceremony.
To share your heart with this animal ally.
To express your gratitude and appreciation for them. 
To reach out your hand and create a bridge of connection & communication.

This will likely be the first of many offerings you make to the animals :)

Some ideas... 

I LOVE fresh flowers as offerings because they are just so stunning.
Fresh plants, shells, stones, grains, seeds, water, feathers, cacao. 

All natural and biodegradable that is safe to go to the earth.
Anything handmade with love is also greatly appreciated.
Songs and spoken prayers are also soooooo greatly appreciated by all of the animals and plants and trees and elements!
Incense / plant smoke 

This is a great article describing Despatcho Offerings ~

A photo gallery below of despatcho & earth / animal offerings & altars
I have made over the years...

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